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A decentralized protocol for develop digital skills and digitize value on cities.

Habacuc Vera Mario Briseño

Decentralized ERC-721 loot boxes

Abhishek Chadha

XAIToken let's avoid liquidity even if the ETH price drops 50%

Hammad Tariq Hammad Tariq Ahmad Ashraf

Portfolio Alignment for Degens: With Mindful, you can adopt strategies to mindfully DCA into assets, rebalance your portfolio, and take profits automatically. Let your mindful self plan for your degen self's future.

Liesl Eichholz Matthias Bachmann Christopher Maree Haythem Sellami Chris Fulford

Preventing people getting rekt from DeFi scams.

Karol Podufalski Laurence Kirk Tom Dwyer

The decentralized creators support platform which support creators and give rewards for there fans. By staking tokens on platform, both of creators and fans gain a more funds and rewards mutually.

Tsukasa Noguchi Toshiaki Takase

A protocol for splitting tokens into fungible yield, governance and capital components

Francesco Agosti Fabio Berger James Simpson Richard Galvin

Cryptocoin storage

Chukwuemeka Mbaebie Sirani McNeill Z Morris

A decentralized online payrolling platform for seamless processing of payments for people connected to centralized and decentralized organizations.

Amadeo Brands Luke Watson

Distributed Town is a Network of DAOs that lets people organize in self-sovereign communities. It aims to become the standard in Collaborative Economics - and it's based on a mutual credit system of accounting - and a universal-login based on Skills, rather than personal data.

Alex P. Lorenzo Bersano Milena Monova Federico Sananes

A money market protocol with an integrated financial model designed to address the loss potential due to price volatility of the crypto assets to improve profit margins and promote crypto adoption.

Rahul Mittal

Interactive Fiction, on-chian

Keeks Famu

A live action NFT DeFi robot tournament. Stake your entry, choose your robot, trade or bet NFT skills, and fight to the death 💀 🤖

shawn lin Irvin Cardenas

Chilean Pegged Stablecoin Backed With Cryptocurrency

Carlos Baeza Cristobal Gambi Cristobal Pereira

Hedger for AMM LPs to reduce impermanent loss

Aveesh Shetty

Pay some amount to send messages. This reduces spam from sender and receiver is incentivized to read messages.

Agnel Vishal Aparna Joshi Justin Grosvenor Domnic Amalan Ana Bitcoinera
James Shih Wade Kuo

A personal token basket

Tsolmondorj Natsagdorj

An airtable like interface for managing ones data across p2p services

Nassar Hayat Alex Good
Jérôme Rastit

Marketplace to create decentralised mutual funds in crypto assets

Atul Agarwal Deven Bhooshan Vipul Sharma

A decentralized wallet manager, trading/DeFi interface and block explorer metaverse. Blockhead aims to provide a comprehensive, provider-agnostic interface that allows you to perform common blockchain-related activities in a fun, flexible, and transparent way.

Darryl Yeo

public arts are public goods. can we fund artists and musicians.

Isaac Clarke

A DeFi savings game which rewards regular saving

Giel Detienne Rachel Black

A dynamic deposit optimizator

Andrey Semenov
Jon Ramvi Robin Pedersen Hendrik Bilges

Non-transferable tokens used to mark a user's reputation and trust level.

Mattison Asher Rusty dwye

Neural network generated pixel monster NFTs

Zefram Lou Owen Shen

Cross-blockchain asset transfer

Jeff Wentworth
Alan Nader

Platform to enable sales reps reward people for providing signals about entities (companies, people) with a propensity to buy

Kevin Neary Damian Vazquez Naveen Krishnamurthy Jorge Ramirez

Social media platform to provide infrastructure to prevent the spread of fake news

Sabrina Hirani Manansh Shukla Nijat Hasanli Caitlen K

ETH holders want to earn some interests on ETHs. There is a limitation of a minimum 32 ETH and we want to lower this limitation by creating a set of smart contracts

Marco Persico Nate Bolam

The stoploss protocol protects uniswap liquidity providers against impermanent losses.

Hadrien Charlanes Nathan Sexer

Uniswap powered by Chainlink price feed for more accurate prices

Daniel Azzopardi

E-commerce plug-in that enables buyers and sellers to transact using the ERC-20 tokens of their choice.

Jack Sanford Yann Guineau Andrew Rudnick Kevin Meraz Tomo Huynh

There were 550,000 mail ballots rejected this year in the primaries alone. MyVote aims to remove rejected ballots from the system all together ensuring every vote is counted.

Alexandra Gardner William Sterling Ron Stoner RISHABH CHAKRABARTY

Syndicate is a web3 community chat app.

Bill He

LUXME is a no-loss, lottery-based nft game, which is built on top of Ethereum.

Apoorv Shankar ARJUN SASIKUMAR Shubham Singhal Abhishek Singh Samkaria

Combine paper and digital currencies to transform people’s livelihood

Federico Kattan

A replacement to Patreon with decentralized access and minimal fees.

Arshaan Bhimani

Payment plan using ethereum

taehun lim

Lowering the technical bar to ethereum with a simple and elegant wrapper.

Santiago Cammi

A voting platform for democrotizing communication, vote on your tweet with Tweether!

Patrick Collins Alex Roan

Management of Bidding and Funds for Projects/Contracts/Services for Private/Public Organizations in a decentralized application.

Oscar Fonseca Nick Mortil Tommy Hartono Diego Gallegos Andrew Hong

Protekt Protocol puts crypto to work insuring users against hacks, bugs, and exploits of any DeFi protocol or smart contract. The goal is to support and catalyze the growth of the DeFi ecosystem by protecting users from getting rekt.

Corbin Page

external adapter to get randomness from

Rafael Lima

WFIL is the First Filecoin Stablecoin on Ethereum

Nazzareno Massari Cristiam Da Silva

A DeFi Liquidity Provider dashboard

Mario Romero

A dapp that allows people to send money as ERC20 to their favorite musicians

You Song Hou

Simulated Crypto Trading Competition Prize Game with deposits locked on yield-generating protocols.

Edward So Lei Zhao

A smart way to hedge forex exchange rate risks

Markus Schick Philipp Kläser

Entry-level intro to wallets to help newbies get set up to use and understand Ethereum.

Ryan Cordell Sam Richards

A protocol for financial transactions backed by crypto-assets

Senshi M. Onions Dylan Boudro Bach Adylbekov

Manage portfolios with different asset classes on Defi

Jan Hochbrueckner Brahma Sen Chase Jeter

Running a node is expensive, earn money by sharing your RPC interface and decentralize Infura

Marius van der Wijden

Create an index of unlockable achievements (represented by NFTs and NTNFTs) based on a user’s wallet interactions with popular DeFi protocols. Our goal is to gamify the DeFi experience and provide a tangible incentive for users to explore the limits of each DeFi platform.

Nemanja Cerovac Vincent Vanhassel Fabien Dakeyras Charles BEYER Daria Ridjosic

DeFi UI for Compound and Aave with option of adding cover to your deposit using Opyn

Jason Romero

DeFi lending broker protocol

Mikhail Lazarev

Tonic is a money account ready for mass adoption. It provides free instant transfers, interest on savings and much more.

Tony Snark

Interest bearing platform for esports and streamers

Rodrigo Gaona Diego Ferrer Chinonso Eze

PermanentLoss allows liquidity providers of ETH/Stable pairs to hedge against impermanent loss by utilizing options. The tool will help the user visually construct options strategies like strangles and straddles.

Jacob Mortensen Andre Korol

Real-time and historic graph showing ERC20 transfers accross the Ethereum network

Pablo Bianciotto

Profile management application built on top of Ceramic Network with IDX.

Aditya Vijaykumar Anshul Kumar

A PoolTogether pool using Aave as yield source

Pierrick Turelier

Open source using blockchain and Earth Observation to reduce drastically costs, allowing smallholder farmers worldwide to mutually share their crop risks

Vu Tien Khang Vu Tien Khang Shailendra Omkar Amma Manso kuldeep srivastava

Flavor adds a spicy new prediction market twist to DeFi savings

James Levy Alex Nabokov

Data is the new oil and this project aims to make drilling, refining and distributing it available for everyone. This enables everyone to be able to become part of the new Data Economy and get royalties from AI algorithms trained on top of their data.

Robin Lehmann

Distributing vouchers, for employees, which are valid at participating merchants.

Yassin Hafid

Completely trustless defi insurance protocol to insure against smart contract hacks

Drew Patel Elliot Friedman

Decentralized Payments. No more going to exchanges. All in one. Anything to anything crypto payment processing.

Sebastian Pape

Lottery using superfluid protocol. Users enter a lottery, when an event is triggered new users enter the winners pool and old users are removed. Users harvest Peanuts based on the duration and stream size, and can only harvest these when they leave the winners pool.

Paul Brown

Creates a new transaction type that supports sponsored transactions and batch transactions.

Matt Garnett Sam Wilson

Decentralized stable earning platform for independent music creators!

Kedar Kshatriya Rushikesh Kardile Vinay Sudrik Rutuja Ajagekar

Build NFT oriented games from scratch

David Strouk
Alex Conway Aleix Canal Sebastian Stoll Merlin Egalite

We are thinking of building a community-owned decentralized free sharing photo platform: photographers upload their photos for commercial or non-commercial use for free and will be rewarded utility tokens when their pics are downloaded.

Raffiq Khalil Sergi Alcaraz Lim Changsu
Bitcoin Bill

Cool Way to decentralize reforestation, user buys trees and depending on balance unlocks different things in Dapp. Anything that makes a Dapp would come in, on purchase music, on transfer stars shooting, a cool Dapp with multi UI functions.

Derek Santos Sidi Leandro Jareño Damião

Learn Ethereum, Bitcoin, blockchain; then teach, consult.

Rob Hoffman

NewFi offers personalized crypto-asset strategies to help investors make the best returns.

Boomer Rogers John Calabrese Viraz Malhotra Megan Doyle

Anti-Sybil system for DApps and a decentralized digital identity in the future and an example Upala-powered DApp.

Petr Porobov

A visualization tool for Vega trades. Part audio, part visual. Could be described as an art project...

Charlie Morris Andrey Petrov

Liquid Yield is a service designed to educate and enrich the lives of Uniswap liquidity providers. Featured tool is a zap which leverages Aave to bring you Uniswap LP fees with 100% exposure to the price of ETH.

Andrew Schmidt
Nino Nomad Ben Ng Charles Steenstra Kuroge Washu ping acow

Watch defi capital markets mature before your eyes as the first ever ethereum based yield curves go live

Max Feldman

The idea is to let people interact with the dapps using any ERC20 token as gasFee instead of Ether and cutting a lot of trouble of getting eth from a exchange and then managing gas fee.

Keshav Mundhra

a decentralized node services according to the devp2p to find nodes this will reuse network node and if you run the full node with open RPC will get the reward, Pos consensus needs to be introduced to detect whether the node is running, It will serve dapp and eth2.0 beacon cha

erc ma

Uses PoolTogether pools to allow social betting with a group of friends where the best performing better wins the interest beared.

Lucas Stuart Thomas Varano Thomas Giewont Ritvik Jain

Greenchain goal is to make Blockchain more sustainable by offseting it's transactions cost by purchassing CO2 tokens.

Jordi P. Aulet

Any individual without prior knowledge of Blockchain or Solidity can build and deploy a complete supply chain for his/her product, customized according to their needs using our user-friendly interface.

Rishi Gondkar Madhura Kunjir Shubham Kukreja Divyank Lunkad Khushi Asawa

Decentralised Reddit. Durple combines everything you love about forums with a decentralised platform that allows communities to thrive free of censorship. Live Demo on MATIC Mumbai.

Will Harris Benjamin Wen Justin Chan

A plateforme to help Kickstart startups working on DApps.

Med Amine ID

We are building a subscription protocol with superfluid

Sam Hatem
Victoria Li

A platform to match people and groups who need and who perform security audits for smart contracts along with an insurance to cover potential risks.

Armin Haghi Anish Mohammed Arnold Yau Franziska Lippoldt

Adapt an existing BTC maximalist dashboard to a DeFi dashboard on Hardware.

Gaël Fichet
Tajung Jang Anthony Lam Luke Matheson

Defi Yield Multiplier - a cashflow protocol that redirects unused collateral from Aave to Balancer and mStable enabling leveraged yield.

Jakub Wojciechowski

Decentracraft is Minecraft on the blockchain within the Decentraland universe.

Karim Imam

Vower stands for Vote is Power. A decentralized voting solution using blockchain technology that enables a fast and secure way to vote.

Samuel Tang

Transparence, is a collection of tools, to improve transparency in cryptocurrencies. We want to make it easier for users interacting with different protocols to extract data from the chain that gives them guarantees that everything is fine.

Jean Yves ZIE

Catalog empowers artists with greater control in monetizing their work and community through the use of artist tokens, which unlock rewards, exclusive content, and revenue share for supporters.

Jeremy Stern Sharad Shekar Michael McKain Hal Hyatt

Rupia is a derivative Indian rupee using oracles collateralised to earn interest for trading/insurance use cases

Vijay Lakshminarayanan

Tamper proof, automated vouching system for businesses.

Swaroop Hegde Anomit Ghosh

Decentralized Education Platform

Mukesh jaiswal
Carlos Sessa Matthew West

A tool that allows miners to offer their storage based on their location and miners characteristics

Igor Svilenkov Vuk Vukoje

Sublime enables capital efficient DeFi lending via tokenized borrow positions and reserve pools for collateral liquidations.

Ritik Dutta Jill Pujara Aniket Parate

This system is meant to build up a decentralized trustless system to act as an intermediary between buyers and sellers in various kinds of trading and shopping, it will function exactly as Alipay or paypal and more than that.

Thiaoouba Tao Frank Pei

Paymunity - a gasless community payment app, that aims to accelerat adoption by enabling everyone to send DAI without holding ETH.

Kurt Merbeth Ricardo Ferrer Rivero Valerie Vaske

Singleton offers client-preferred payment methods to replace service providers' original payment methods.

Enlin ZHU

Casual Game: Take Over, Hold, Score, Win. Grab the top prize every Sunday.

Fox Reymann

A platform that creates and manages tamperproof digitally signed documents using smart contracts, DIDs and decentralized storage

Koshik Raj Yathish R Shubham Tiwari koushith B R

Track L2 usage, manage wallets, and make it easier to move funds between various L2s

Matt Solomon Edward Mazurek Ben DiFrancesco

Allows traders to gain exposure to advanced option payoffs in the form of a token.

Sam Chepal Greggory Rodriguez

Probabilistic Proofs and Coherent Cryptoeconomics for Financial Fairness Architectures

Gokul Alex

Private and decentralised escrow contracts for FIAT to ETH trading, facilitating Paypal and Revolut P2P Crypto purchases using Chainlink oracles and Textile.

Francesco Cremona
Thrilok Kumar Vaibhav Chellani Kautuk Kundan snaketh4xor .

Coinosis is a blockchain-based videoconferencing platform. Meet interesting people, learn new things, share your knowledge and earn crypto.

Emilio Silva Juandavid Reyes Páez juan escallon

Enabling publishers, editors and authors to store publication data on Ethereum and IPFS and to seamlessly onboard users (authors, reviewers, etc.) and giving them the opportunity to take control of their data.

Sebastian Mueller

Simple tool for checking and creating new Uniswap V2 Pairs across multiple networks

Holly Atkinson

Real time payment app using cryptocurrency or local currency, decreasing transaction time and mainstreamizing crypto in the local communities.

Kunal Bohra

The goal of this project will be to develop a blockchain oracle that will provide satellite data to the blockchain

Tony Kunz

The open, permissionless and user-owned AR/VR metaverse of the future

Luís Freitas Mark Barrasso Elijah Tai Nazariy Vavryk

A wallet which has inheritance built in on the Ethereum Blockchain

Shebin John

Archie is a unified crowd funding platform for Donors/investors to donate/fund NGO's in accordance with cutting out the middleman and shipping the product as per the goal requirement

Shubham Sharma Roshan Choudhary Somya Didwania

Develop technologies to provide security, transparency and quality assurance to the Cannabis ecosystem using Blockchain.

Solange Gueiros

Layer-Agnostic Optimistic Roll-In For Self-State Management

Michael De Luca Richard Pringle Stephanie Huynh Sammy Liu

A Liquidity Token and Protocol that allows investment into crypto without worrying about volatility and arbitrage.

Lamont Veal

Payment manager for Filecoin retrieval market

Thomas Chardin Alex Camuto

A decentralized chit fund platform where participants have to deposit collateral amount in the pool and they can bid to win the loan. The deposited amount will be used to earn interest from lending pools.

Prince Sinha Ayush Kaul

A decentralized Online Shopping Platform. Based on Supply Chain Algorithm.

Hrithik Sharma
Tim Proctor Manav Darji Alon Bukai

MakerDAO's Vault tracker with alarms to avoid liquidations

Ramiro Gonzalez

Credit Union on blockchain(Esusu), Saving to earn on Defi Protocols (AAVE, COMPOUND, UMA etc using local currencies), decentralized Image/File storage API, and lots more

Benjamin Okokoh

Supply Chain Trade Finance made Inclusive

Carlos Noverón Sathya Krishnasamy Alexander Huesgen Shane O'Neill

AstralDAO the primitive that will stitch together various decentralized components to bring advanced spatial data technologies into the Web3 fold, which will enable an ecosystem of location-based dApps to support our transition to a just, sustainable and resilient world.

João Martins John IV Jared Childers

Steganography Algorithm that works over ERC-20 Transactions

Jose Vicente Bell Llinas Carlos Quintero Mateo Daza Juan Carlos Bell Llinás Camilo Torres

Our project allows the monetization of voting rights in typical Token Governance.

Maximilian Niemzik

In a world of scams, yieldSCAMM brings liquidity to non-fungible tokens within the same asset class, starting from UMA’s yield dollars. yieldSCAMM= accruing sustainable yields (yield) + through rebases (SC) + while providing liquidity (AMM)

yoonsung choi Jun Soo (JK) Kim Loun Lee
srihari kapu

We're hacking on a web interface for the bridge connecting Ethereum with Secret Network, a unique transactional privacy solution allowing users to lock ETH or ERC-20 tokens in order to get an equal amount of privacy tokens, called secretTokens (secretETH or secretERC-20s).

James Waugh Taariq Levack Can Kisagun

A decentralised game and interface to discover and interact with smart contracts

Xavier Lavayssiere

If each token is an atom, and a combination of tokens will form a molecule, which can enable methods on a wallet. For example, only if a wallet contains a KYC token the transfer can be executed.

Calvin Pak Andrew Bakst

Powerful Plasma Alternative using an Abstract TTP for Off-Chain Scaling

Sebastian Stammler Steffen Rattay Norbert Dzikowski Matthias Geihs Oliver Tale-Yazdi

At we're building a dApp that allows anyone to build a portfolio of pro athletes. We gamify athlete performance similar to fantasy sports, then reflect that performance in the token price. Soon you will be able to build your own tokenized team!

Rob Klages Juan Lopez Kevin Kamto

xWin provide the platform fund management, social trading and other protocol interaction. It also automatically distributes the fund unit as ERC20 token to investors for any subscription.

Calvin Thong

Medical prescriptions history recording & Automatic Claim Payment. As a patient fulfill prescription at pharmacy, it got recorded on Cloud for later referral, and Pharmacy providing it claims payment from patient's Insurance (a DAO) through Ethereum.

Roberto Vicuna Gayathri Gottipolu

An Automatic Market Maker factory for NFT collectables where shares can be sold as a fundraising mechanism built for creators

Michal Shachman William Schwab Gerhard Steenkamp Santiago Gonzalez Toral
Michael Feldman

An experiment in composable fundraising, income streams, surplus redistribution, and sustainable growth on Ethereum.

Joao Ritter

Easily send, receive or stream crypto dollars using Mainstream Crypto

Viraj Anchan

We are to building an oracle that is able to report the outcomes of e-sports matches.

Kris Jones Anar Enhsaihan

A yield gaming / tokenomic warfare blockchain game. Build a fleet and the explore the vast galaxy to discover the riches of the cosmos. Defend yourself with weapons and other technologies from random events in the skies. Engage in combat against other fleets, winner takes all.

Jim Dawson

DeFi meets real-world gaming: stake funds on Aave, play Apex Legends, win other players' interests!


बटुआ (pronounced 'batua') is a concept for cryptocurrency in India. It consists of a simple end-user wallet with a decentralised non-custodial stablecoin pegged to Indian Rupee.

Chris Hobcroft Shiv Gupta Aditi Agarwal Petra Wenglarzyova Bo Henderson

Educational NFTs born from collective desires 🥠reward folks for their educational attainment ✅ experiment with contracts to keep your memory fresh

Carol-Corneliu Calin

smart contract tool for both protocols and users to compose arbitrary actions across defi space

Justin Beaurone Jason Huan Anthony Khoshrozeh Angela Lu Tyler Goodman

The Huddln Blockchain Service, provides social platform clients with a set of standard features that focus on content monetization.

Joseph Gonzalez

Media Prediction Market (MPM)

J Michaels

A tool to manage your crypto community treasury

Shreyas Hariharan

Gas optimizing proxy for DeFi apps which utilizes a custom Balancer pool+OpenGSN paymaster as a treasury

Daniel Beal

A procedural pipeline for tangible representation of ERC21 Tokens.

Rob Renn

LiquidL2 allows users to take out loans collateralised by their pending withdrawals from Layer 2 solutions. This means that for a fee, users can avoid a 7 day challenge period to get access to funds instantly

Tom French

El Dorado: The Cryptodollar Bank of LATAM. We are reinventing the way financial products and services are designed, especially for people living in unstable economies. We are going to provide all the services a Bank can offer and more. USD savings accounts and a P2P exchange.

GUILLERMO GONCALVEZ Juan Andreu Daniel Knobelsdorf

Automated NFT marketplace using yield startergy and yield farming

Sunny Radadiya Ayush Gupta

Create a Smart Contract with Solidity and deploy a small DApp.

Ferhat Kochan Jagger Villalobos
David Wang Mensun Wang

This is a collectible NFT game. Users who manage to complete a set (3 different tokens per element) can exchange it (burning the tokens) and receive a prize

Julian C Tomohiro Furuta

Combining Stake based protocols and liquidity pooling to create a liquid staking solution

Nico Vergauwen Adam Noonan hey heeyheeey Marko Zelman Kevin Weaver

UI-based smart contract code generator

Marius Podwyszynski

Inspired by [IPLD]( and [IPFS](, IPDB is a **protocol**: - Defines a schema-addressed database system - Coordinates database query delivery on Web3 - Designed with a public decentralized database in mind

Sing Yiu Cheung

Platform for user-submitted, tokenized game mods

Jesse Miller Ezra Weller Roberto Henriquez Perozo
Lenara Verle Mykle Hansen

Moving git to ipfs, where each repository is controlled through a smart contract + leaving tips on issues to give maintainer incentive to work on them

Jacek Varky

A decentralized board game to educate everyone about dApps, Blockchain and DeFi. Inspired by Monopoly but crypto-oriented, with game logic and crypto-economics mechanisms entirely performed by smart contracts running on blockchain


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Alexander Klus Sina Faraji Matt Masurka Anmol Agarwala

Creating unique copies of ebooks that users can own outright, with the freedom to do what they want with it. Just like how physical copies are owned by users.

Mansoor Othupurayil Aiswarya Walter Richu Kuttikattu

Aggregates lending on Compound and Aave and the native Compost Market to provide more aggressive rates while inheriting liquidity.

Remy Parks

Co-op is a multiplayer game verse- an intersection between 3D games and onchain activity and economy, defi and yeild farming, or is it yield gaming? is battle royal rpg maybe

Sahaj Garg Nick Loki

AcceptEth is the turn-key way to accept crypto payments. Provide your wallet addresses and we create a beautiful payment or donation experience.

Dawson B

A sandboxing app for simulating how different oracles operate with different smart contracts, especially related to risk.

Vincenz Buhler Logan King Shelton King Edgar Navarro

Karaokio.Exhcange - Decentralized Karaoke Marketplace

Adam Buga David Martinez

Highly incentivized mixing pool burner wallet generator tool

Zhenting Zhou Forest Fang Nathaniel Oden Nicole Tay

We want to help mainstream the power of money markets by offering the possibility of buying NFTs with lended money. And paying back the lend later on. For this purpose we will take advantage of the Aave protocol.

Rod Alcala Daniel Marzec

Dapp that allows people to bet on themselves on the outcome of achieving their goals

Li Sun

Accept as input an mp3 file and convert into an ethereum token

Benjamin Beatty

Simple app to facilitate voting in an election

Richard Kang
Flavio Neto

An interest-rate-targeting autonomous interest rate model for Compound markets.

Alexis Anand

social feed hedge for global immune repair

Morgan Moskalyk

A L'QuiD-fork of the ETH-collateralized LUSD-borrowing protocol, Liquity, using modified liquidation and redemption mechanisms.

Richard Tiutiun

A hardware wallet and reader to trade or transfer Ethereum. Using short range 2-way wireless to communicate transactions.

Andrew Lohbihler

A decentralised crypto to FIat onramp/offramp

Steve Kiarie

Crypto Pear (or just Pear) is a crypto-to-item trading exchange and market place

Derrick Wilson-Duncan

In this project, we aim to create a Carbon Credit Ecosystem on the Ethereum blockchain.

Soheil Saraji Abdullah Al Qayum Theo Beutel Peter Ndiritu
Bernard Choo Ming Tong Windsor
Derek Zhou

An interest bearing eSport tournament game. An action role playing game in the style of Diablo that rewards Tokens for beating timed challenges

Alfred Shaker zachary law

Display historical performance of investments across protocols, and aggregate of best investment opportunities.

Dan Kirsche

Lending platform using NFTs

Adrián Calvo
Ayush Gupta

Tokenized object capabilities layer for Ethereum and bridge to NEAR

Theodore Wilson

Testeur will be a multi-component testing suite for smart contract testing in a simulated testnet. Such testnets can be simulated with containers with programmable behavior.

Rodimiro Cerrato Espinal

A token-based investment and incentivation model for wine subscriptions

Jonas Mueller Ece Kubilay Thanos Amoutzias

a web3 website for useful websites finding.

Siyi Li

Distribute inheritance among beneficiaries upon death automatically via smart-contracts; the modern inheritance paradigm.

Hasan Raza

Legacy... Secure and durable estate planning for your data.

Travis Hoyt

Yield farming made fun

Mulili Nzuki

A platform to deploy bots on demand

Edson Alcala

Platform that allows people to collaboratively train a neural network by contributing data. Data is uploaded to IPFS and trained on using an oracle. That contributor will then be rewarded with model-specific ownership tokens depending on the model's improvement.

Luke Tchang

Hedge Uniswap LP IL with Options

Mubaris NK Salman Naseer

NFT for art certification

Steredenn Hudson-Offret

NFTs that are only viewable with given access control (for use cases like a dOnlyFans etc)

Pham Khoa

Creating a decentralized gambling protocol based on the kelly criterion, choose your own odds algorithm, and liquidity incentives to bootstrap new bankroll pools

Steven Nevins

A self-governing blogging platform

Eylon Aviv

Build invoice payment pages for Ethereum tokens

Gareth Fuller

Non-custodial limit orders on Synthetix

Noah Citron

Fully decentralized, option backed stablecoin that removes the need for liquidators and volatile APRs

Ryan Brink

No-loss gaming powered by Yearn Finance and Pool Together

Vitaly Volozhinov

Dynamic site for cancelling or speeding up transactions

kevin marek Taarush Vemulapallil Wojtek Kulikowski

Rewarding musicians whose tracks are used in a mix or stems/samples are used in a remix

Robert Chu

Fish Together is a no-loss savings fishing game! (need to update this to be more catchy and clear)

Andi Putra

Assurance contracts for ethereum

Ryan Berckmans

Monitor yield farming returns from iOS

PJ Gray

Currently writing simple zkSNARKs explainer, might pivot.

Ansgar Dietrichs

Subsrciption protocol for content providers

Arth Patel

Building some tools for order splitting using 0x.

Sacha Ghebali Olivier Mammet

A loaning protocol for low-income borrows that doesn't require collateral.

Theodore Brinkofski Rashi Abramson

A solution to batch transactions using external accounts (not contract wallets)

Yash Shah

A game where each nation is a NFT with actual ETH backed up against it and you can earn/fight for yield against the locked up ETH.

Daniel Wirjo Mat Rhombus Saurav Dhar

A simplified version of Chess, where moves are validated by a smart contract on Ethereum

Dan Burton

NEAR protocol client for Flutter apps.

Arto Bendiken

Fancoin helps sports brands and fans connect to discover value of community actions

Bharadwaj Ravela

To build a social media platform with features where the creators are paid directly to the users and they are free to create any content as there is no central governing body and the community decides the content to remain or not.

Vadiraj Kulkarni

Calculate tax on crypto,defi transactions anonymously

Rajarajan k

AMM that uses commit reveal hashes for doing swaps, to prevent frontrunning

Gautham Ganesh Elango

Derivatives on top of Mstable

Voith Mascarenhas

Tokenized volatility index tracking a governance-managed basket of Opyn Ethereum options. Protocol includes a volatility oracle and an UMA priceless synthetic token.

Zachary Thielemann

A smart contract that rebalances the wallet currencies based on the asset's price

Fabio Costa

Grow your block friend by trading and exploring for things

Brian Patino

Easily monitor your dApp metrics and infrastrucure in real time

Mario Salmerón

Decentralised widget store for, of and by health professionals, so that they can create and/or purchase widgets to use within an existing application under development.

Samikshan Bairagya Anubhab Mukherjee Souhardya Samanta Sayantan Ghosh

AT is an automated trading platform, where AT64 tokens are required to join a trading strategy that aims to accumulate Ether.

Gabriel Islas

I am a beginner. I want to do something with TheGraph, be it building a subgraph or using existing sugraphs for something else.

Pablo Carra

A DApp that allows a user to mint flower NFT's which have different traits such as, different colours for the anther, bract, petal, sepal etc. Then implement cross-breeding.

Ashton Playsted Hico Mc Donald

A turn-based, hidden-information strategy game built with zkSNARKs.

Brian Gu Alan Luo Scott Moses Sunarto

social audio app for token communities

Saurav Kumar

An app that encourages users to save regularly with lottery and some mechanisms as incentives, using chainlink and pooltogether protocol.

Bill Hsu BoYu Chen Tsung-Chieh Tseng

To build a new granting legal and business model to increase total Ethereum common goods funding. The model aims to be evergreen, where the grantors, developers, and commercial users play improved roles, and common-goods development can self-fund over time.

Robert Drost Mally Anderson

People can cash out from Pool together, Gitcoin, Multis, Yearn finance into their favourite bank account. Converting any ERC20 token or ETH into fiat by aggregating Uniswap, Aave, Kyber, Curve, Compound using Transak off-ramp API.

Yeshu Agarwal Sami Start Apoorv Lathey Jordan Abderrachid

A platform that gives you the power to control which data your are storing on your Filecoin node

Igor Svilenkov

Art database hosted on Filecoin

Raphael Pinto

Streaming cashflows from transparent structured products and derivatives on chain

ALatha Ntonga

Content dissemination protocol using time-based NFT auctions that trigger the creation of child NFT auctions

Victor Rortvedt Pi0neer Pat

Send in some ETH get a fortunecookie token in return. The fortune cookie funds will be held in a yearn vault. A random winner (chosen using StarkWare) will receive the earnings from the vault on a random basis, every week or month, or when an earnings target is reached.

Matthew Orris

We built a DIY ATM that allows anyone to exchange their leftover coins against cryptos!

Aymeric Bethencourt

a decentralized patreon-like application

Andrew Saintway

Real Estate, NFTs, Yield Farming, Staking

Dameon Green Syed Asif Parveez

Bridging Institutional Funding Gaps in Public Education with Decentralized Impact Finance

craig anderson

Contribution to a proof of concept of shared secret validators in eth2 phase 0

Pablo Villalobos
Kane Waterworth

KYC-Chain is a banking solution that would allow users to share only the necessary information through “identity wallets.”

Onkar Bharatesh

Declare your ownership of your copyrighted content via NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain

Anshuman Agarwal

Noby allows to create NFT shards and distribute ownership of the NFT among a community.

Arnav Vohra