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Application to store crowd funded documents on IPFS. The app allows users to start contracts on ethereum and collect funds to finance the storage of items on IPFS / filecoin testnet.

Daniel Marzec George Tsantes Khang Lieu David McColl Yuling Ma

User owned data for greater EdTech interoperability. Building a human-first foundation for AI-guided education.

Jacob Cohen-Rosenthal Aqeel Mohammad

linchpin is a bundle of mini-applications; each one creating content ids or executing a public Ethereum transactions on the blockchain, and sometimes it does both.

Scott Stevenson Youssef Khouidi Nate Hart

Pokemon-GO style game based on IPFS

Mikhail Lazarev

(Unofficial) Interplanetary File System First Person Shooter

Leon Do Randy Daniel

Predication market based curation system using off-chain betting

Belsy Y Ronan Sandford

Adding caramel gooeyness (aka artifact persistence via Pinata's IPFS pinning service) to Truffle 🍬

Kevin Bluer

A DAO to increase government accountability and transparency

Mauro Velazquez

A web app that reward customers with tokens when they make a purchase from a restaurant

You Song Hou

A decentralized social media tangle built with a distributed filesystem.

Ryan Bell

Decentralized social media/guild community platform built on NEAR and IPFS (Textile).

Aaron Luhning

Service to exchange data and help build data pipeline using ML algorithms

Martha Azucena Garcia Contreras Miguel De La Cruz

Build a blockchain community for producing effective solutions.

Rajashree Parhi Parabjeet Singh Monalisha Mishra Ashis Pradhan Md Mohsin Siddiqui

Creating unique copies of ebooks that users can own outright, with the freedom to do what they want with it. Just like how physical copies are owned by users.

Richu Kuttikattu Mansoor Othupurayil Aiswarya Walter

A Censorship Resistant Decentralized Social Network allowing users to create Videos, Live Streams, Articles, P2P calls giving users the power to monetize every second of their content, choosing the advertisements they want to show and build live audiences, global and unstoppable.

Anudit Nagar

Lowering barriers to leveraging open data networks.

Tom Amiri cindy chau

Aurbit is an Interplanetary map strategy game built on Ethereum.

Chad Lynch Renate Gouveia Chris Markov Deidre Wong Charlotte Mae Efren

Tokenized P2P fighting game built on the Ethereum blockchain

Evan Wilder Bryant Chen

Web3 Drive is the user gate for the decentralized storage world. it acts as a decentralized drive where user can upload, download his large files in a secure way .

Eman Herawy
Simon-Pierre Vivier

IPFS-scholar is a distributed file storage system similar to the SCI, which provides a free and rapid release platform for scientific research achievements, academic papers and other materials. It also breaks the status quo that data is monopolized by a few giant enterprises, dec

yue li 佳汛 谢

Decentralized web indexer

Elden Park Gowri Sankar Ramachandran

Our team is building a way for content to persist on IPFS despite damage to data and the network at large.

Govind Mohan Sarah Liu Hlib Kanunnikov

Pyr is a DApp allowing creators to publish digital content to the Ethereum Blockchain in the form of an ERC-721 NFT contract. Publishing and managing the content is built using Fleek’s Space Daemon while the content sharing to valid customers is managed using LibP2P and PubSub.

Austin Morris

Fractal is a decentralised accounting tool preserving users privacy and providing insight into interactions with defi protocols.

Ashley Morgan Raymond Mogg Tomas Sima Jacob Parker Aidan Tetther

A social distance lyrics app for mobile phones

Phil Holden

Enables multiple parties to electronically sign documents without an intermediary.

Prashant Anand

A blockchain browser to query information on filecoin

patrick li

Browser Streaming with IPFS storage

Matheus Pagani

Wrapped Filecoin (WFIL), ERC20 Wrapper over Filecoin

Nazzareno Massari Cristiam Da Silva

We built a decentralized product listing service and affiliate program for Oya, a decentralized e-commerce protocol.

John Shutt Vanna Conyers Josh Shupack Yi Wu

A privacy-focused collaboration tool

Yalda Mousavinia Peter Phillips

A registry to upload your icon to IPFS and register it for your smart contract in our ethereum registry

Jacek Varky Maximilian Niemzik Simon Dosch

A Decentralized image editer

Usman Tahir

A decentralized social media on IPFS + Ethereum with monetization.

Alex Siman Vladyslav Proshchavaiev Oleh Melnychuk

Deepzoom viewer built with Vue and IPFS

Jeremy Tubbs

Like Docker Hub, but fully decentralised.

Elisey Zanko

wiflo : global mindfulness tool for spirit

Morgan Moskalyk

Polyglot hack to demonstrate a combination of Filecoin related tooling

Luke Schoen

A decentralized content platform/community which reward authors and valuable readers with FileCoin. We storage articles on ipfs/filecoin to avoid boring 404.

askender li Jerry Gan

A news sharing app such that facts can be verified by people themselves.

Vaibhav Muchandi Jagadish Babu V Keshav Mundhra Alok Das

The Power of Web3, The Ease of Web2. Interact with smart contracts through decentralized GraphQL endpoints, in any language, no smart contract SDKs required.

Jordan Ellis Cesar Brazon Roberto Henríquez Perozo

Data exchange allowing the providers to introduce their products and make them discoverable by the advertisers. The advertisers would drive the consumers attention on the products. A Three-Way Coasean Bargain to create a win-win-win case!

Tomasz Kopacki Nick Zbiegien

Open source cloud agnostic blockchain infrastructure deployer.

mostafa Farghaly

We're building provable Verifiable Credentials on Ceramic Protocol / DIDs

Stefan Adolf Juan Blanco Anmol Agarwala

How-to build decentralized virtual reality worlds in your browser

jin . Adrian Biedrzycki

Visualizing the IPFS network using powergate, altair, pandas

Kaustav Haldar

A professional and reliable digital asset wallet client supporting Filecoin

Joong Song

Enabling project retrospectives with complete privacy and control of all the information. With DRetros your organization and individuals can manage all the data generated throughout the team's retrospectives on the Ethereum blockchain.

Claudio Cossio Hector Benitez Yonathan Martinez

Creating a ERC20-based Reward System for Traditional Online Forums where owners can define reward rules and create their own ERC20-based reward token

Yao Hu

Parcel is a decentralized crypto payroll service with built-in end-to-end data encryption using Filecoin, IPFS, Textile’s Powergate and Sablier for money streaming.

Anubhav Girdhar Tarun Gupta Brennan Fife

Auto-updating, user-empowering contacts dapp. People control their contact info, how it is shared, and subscribe to the other users to build their address book.

Joshua Purcell

Distributed virtual identity stored in IPFS and governed by an Ethereum smart contract

Jose Edo Resa Aqrobby Temitayo Daniel

An extensible SMTP-like service that obfuscates senders and receivers by using decentralized storage.

Daniel Shteinbok Robert Muresan Liam Gardner

CoCreate allows song-writers & lyricists to work together with musicians and music producers to create music together.

Erza Salat Alonso Rodriguez

A tiktok alternative that's privacy-first and uses personal tokens to empower creators and creative communities

Jonathan Dunlap

Helping artists monetize creative work via the decentralized web.

James Waugh Ahmed Tawfeeq Michal Shachman Taariq Levack CAN KISAGUN

Decentrally-sourced live graffiti wall gossiped and direct-synced via libp2p and store on IPFS

Michael De Luca Sammy Liu Stephanie Huynh Richard Pringle

A private social network for the Supply Chain sector, Producers, Distributors, Retailers and Customers to talk to each other. They both would build profiles, with relevant stats and history. Customer would be able to message, track orders & make payment.

Chukwuemeka Mbaebie Sirani McNeill Z Morris

A censorship resistant news platform for citizen reporters so they can inform the public and create a verifiable foundation of news sources.

Veronica Coutts

A subgraph of the MLB Champions NFT Tokens

Matt Johnson

Interoperable, Non-dependent Microservice Protocols enabling Payments, Distribution, and Authentication for Decentralized Content

James Bourque Steven Matthiesen Sing Yiu Cheung Saurabh Wadhwa Moises Jaramillo

Bootstrapping web3 social networks

Bijan Massoumi Nathan Mueller Benny Pham

ClimateDataPool is a project to unite the reporting of all the nations that support the Paris Climate Accord. We'll build a PoC of an IPFS/Filecoin-based file management app for sharing climate data. Future users are civil servants and researchers; the UN is the intended host.

kitblake Blake Abhimanyu Sarvagyam

Python interface and tools for the Filecoin network using Textile's Powergate API

Peter Van Garderen Chinonso Eze Wang Ge Antreas Pogiatzis Art Richards

We are Building a Interactive IPFS Ethereum Marketplace where sellers can upload decentralized content and ask for a price to be paid in ERC20 Tokens, and the buyers can buy the content and have private access to it with the help of a smooth payment channel using Money Streaming

Viraz Malhotra dan13ram snaketh4xor .

A notarized document signing solution backed by proofs on Ethereum and encrypted IPFS

Swaroop Hegde Anomit Ghosh

Empower users to upload their videos in the public domain while upholding privacy via AI-powered encryption scheme

Yash Sinha Siddhartha Datta

A protocol for financial transactions backed by crypto-assets

Senshi M. Onions B M Bach Adylbekov Denis Davydov

A video vault for promoting content creators by incentivising the content through votes (or Likes).

Andrea Burzi Kalpita Mandal Alejandro Valdez Carl Thuringer Leandro Manzanal

3 buttons interface hack. File, contact, and payment. Hacking accessible, privacy, and progressive web

Kristian Erik Munk

Decentramall is a virtual shopping platform built on Ethereum.

Conrado Fonseca Bernardo Vieira Eason Chai Raphael Pinto Osama Shihab Fitoria

Código is an IoT firmware distribution service. Built as a shop-window for users to manage their IoT devices, it incentivises developers to develop firmware to be securely deployed using a network with no single point of failure.

Stephen Waddell Michael Michaelides Alex Shand Mahbub Iftekhar Bernard Choo

Make an decentralized video player with Textile Powegate, Filecoin, IPFS, Ethereum and Fleek Hosting

Sunny Radadiya Rajat Beladiya

A decentralised marketplace maintaining user privacy and giving shopkeepers the right they deserve.

Abhishek Kedia

Ethsign is a decentralized, versioned electronic agreements signing application built on Ethereum, IPFS, and Filecoin (powered by Powergate).

Boyuan Xu Xin Yan Potter Li

Exploring how to deliver Web 3.0 native data without resorting to old-fashioned Web 2.0 based APIs.

Thomas Rush Meriam Zandi

Want to know who cares about the issues you're concerned with? By offering a news forum to share and debate your perspectives, our web app will help you see all the politicians that align with your stance on how your country, city, region and more should be run.

Calvin Sze Michael Tseng Joseph Noott Tyler Brown Vashist Thakwani

Decentralized Docker Hub powered by IPFS, Filecoin and ENS

Viraj Anchan

A decentralized binary data/software notary and global repository, allowing developers and organizations to register public credentials to securely publish and distribute software/firmware/arbitrary data to users. Powered by Ethereum, IPFS, and (soon) Filecoin.

Alec Wantoch Zachary Pelkey

An Application that would save content from the internet onto IFPS and save the link + title on your own private space

Hamza Hamud

BlockchainFS Using Member list Lib via Hexagonal Technique

Elaziz Bellah Mohamed omar mohamed jolin galal Alaa Radwan

ZERO enables collateralized subscriptions for Filecoin and Ethereum via (oracleless) TimeSwap. Includes decentralized chat rooms to discuss web3 and DeFi protocols.

Nandit Mehra Brahma Sen Ricsson Ngo Jay Jeff

The Decentralized Protocol For Fixed-Rate Lending & Interest-Rate Derivatives

Julian Traversa

An image filemanagement platform

Dennis Sam Mekha Krishnan Muralidharan ANAS KVM

Decentralize your personal cloud storage like Dropbox and Google Drive

Martin Vasko Lukas Jäger Tom Schönmann

Easy retrieval mining

Thomas Chardin Stefan VanBuren Ian VanBuren Mitzi Okou Alex Camuto

Kazan is an application where musicians can discover tracks, jam on them and republish for further collaboration

Samikshan Bairagya

A filecoin based backend for Solid project

Vitor Py Braga Santiago Gonzalez Toral Rafael Cidade Parthasarathy Ramanujam Sachin Mittal

A web platform where users rent / sell / buy and manage property on a peer-to-peer network

Joseph Pasik Shereef EL-Prince Ava Lee

Document signing application

Matthieu Marie Joseph Carthy MARIE JOSEPH

As IPFS files grow in number, a search engine will be needed. Google search does not crawl IPFS files. The currently existing IPFS search engine at has defects. So we made this project.

Agnel Vishal

An overlay network built around swarms to provide routing and storage with plausible deniability.

Marios Isaakidis

Adding IPFS capabilities to the Simple Gallery FOSS application.

Carl Harroch Juanky Soriano Adam Brown

A digital land registry administered with a Harberger tax structure that can be used to create geolocation-based web experiences.

Graven Prest Cody Hatfield Mike De'Shazer Apoorv Lathey

A productivity tool that gives the user incentives when they hit milestones to accomplish a larger goal.

Parul Singh Khushi Wadhwa

It allows you to store collections of pictures and share them privately on IPFS

Hugo Sanchez

An uncensorable website that displays a single message written by the highest bidder

Aimee Zhu Brian Anderson

Fuzzy Network is a decentralized advertising network using web3 to preserve user privacy & give transparency to publishers & advertisers.

Luís Freitas Elijah Tai Luke Tchang Brent Lagerman

Imagine incentivizing participation with community specific ERC20 tokens.

James Duncan James Young

A trustless discussion platform

Thibaut Sardan

We detect speeches of influential people in a (live stream) videos. We save these videos in safe decentralized storage, so that no one can modify them and anyone have access to the original versions.

Robert Brada Jan Benes

Anti-Sybil system for DApps and a decentralized digital identity of the future.

Petr Porobov Mitrasish Mukherjee

We are building open,neutral, border-less, decentralized and censorship resistance Meetings(Google Meet / Zoom) powered by web 3.

Susmit Lavania Ayush Ranjan

umwelt is a dApp for semantic queries on top of IPFS

Rafael Lima

The decentralized content delivery based on IPFS for internet service providers (ISPs).

David Ramon Prados Veronika Borzov

pnlp is the open publishing platform for written content on web3. Authors: write and publish on the open web; assemble a following and earn money from your readership. Subscribers: browse the best writing on the open web and support the authors you value most.

Dan Barrett Rowland Graus Mason Brothers

Public Annotation Network (PAN) is an open source censorship-resistant web annotation service - driven by Ethereum and IPFS!

Dominik Muhs Pei-Shan Wu João Santos Johannes Escherich

Encrypted data drive on filecoin

Nathanael Senn Jhune Carlo Trogelio

Decentralized Content Identifier Registry

Titusz Pan Timo Li

p2p Dropbox in a web app using IPFS + OrbitDB

Anders Tabcat Steve Dakh

Many journalist face life threats just because they published something which they are not supposed to talk about, Now consider a network where you can break a story without revealing your IDENTITY, and which is SPAM free at the same time, That's what Satyam is !

Abhishek Vispute

a decentralised Building Information Modelling platform

Theo Dounas

A decentralised social media platform with a familiar look ,feel and functionality

Vishnu Kaza Naga Sai Vishnu

Python Flask app to generate 5-year weekly charts for equities or cryptocurrencies using's HUB to store these files on IPFS and Filecoin.

John McLaughlin James Hansen

Incentivized ML training

Adam Wootton Matthew Kuzyk Imaad Umar

Prototyping a Global Directory to Create Decentralized Naming, Addressing, Numbering & Identity Innovation

Jay Carpenter Chad Eylander Ravi V Randy Graham

Sheet music. Free. Forever.

Wenzheng Tang Pieter Fiers Florian Mornet Thomas Kößl

A decentralized data marketplace connecting advertisers and mobility users.

Carlos Beltran Badal Nabizade Osama Miro

An incentive tool to encourage people to donate blood/plasma for people in need.

Santosh A

A decentralized social network with no central authority where users own their data

Robin Thomas

Our project is item traceability system based on ipfs, ethereum and web3 . It can help to trace the source of problem item during the COVID-19 epidemic

M alittlehorse tong chen Zhang Zihan imagin Liu Wang lulu

Creating a first proof of concept of our user-owned, offline-first, encrypted by default subscription based crowdsourcing and crowdfunding marketplace, build on textile threads DB, IPFS and the CIRCLES universal basic income currency protocol

Samuel Andert Philipp Bartels Daniel Janz

A decentralized CDN platform that enables anyone to serve content and get paid for it!

Raphael Koh Jashan Shewakramani Richard Liu

Fast and tiny rust library, CLI tool, and npm package to generate CIDs without a full IPFS client

Dan Shields

We're going to build a decentralized replacement for Medium based on IPFS+ENS.

Richard Moore Yuet Loo Wong

A decentralized pricing mechanism for Filecoin. FPM connects users with the most suitable storage nodes and derives optimal prices based on supply-demand rules. The solution hides identity of its users and ensures the correctness of the computations with minimal overhead.

Michał Król Alberto Sonnino Zhiyi Zhang

Decentralized Java package repositories on IPFS/Filecoin.

Eric Lau

This project is focused on creating a simple, but powerful implementation of DeFi and dStore

Tony Kunz

The team has identified the lack of a frictionless transaction process at toll gates and is designing a decentralized solution that allows a toll authority to conduct secure transactions by cutting out untrustworthy middlemen and on-chain verification.

Shubham Sharma Roshan Choudhary Somya Didwania

My project is a blog aimed at the non-developer community to promote the decentralized web and it's development.

Martha Roth

SmartTrollslayerd is decentralizing crowdsourcing of annotations for abusive content on the WWW with rewards for participants.

Alvaro Garcia

Livres Libres will be a distributed proofreading system where a DAO decides which set of files are optimum for a given path.

Will Holcomb

Build a decentralized blogging platform with a low-friction cryptocurrency on-ramp.

Gouthum Karadi

IPFS Chat will be an application that shows features and a simple interaction with IPFS generating performance in chats.

Danilo Falco

News platform Blockchain based can provide online readers with a reliable way to verify content and its source. Blockchain traceability, transparency and decentralization builds trust and the fake news problem are effectively handled.

Alfredo Castellano

Community engagement platform for Liquid Democracy DAOs

Chris Piatt Caleb Sheridan

Global Community Infrastructure.

Sharnesha Brentley

Blockaction is eth2 multiclient explorer which allows user to explorer eth2 chain and validators to explore their rewards, penalties etc

Parishilan Rayamajhi

Separating five different ideas, and trying to settle on the best.

John Bargman Lee Hughes

Decentralized Hubs for augmented audio conversations around global topics in a game like experience

Ludovic Bret Nikoline Arns Igor Line Anthony Tarlao Gary Lattanzi
zhangye zhang

The NotAPaperclip Game is a “spawning” token system. Join the game by holding the NAP participation token. Using the NAP dApp choose an NFT to make a swap offer for. The Tx event generates a “marker” NAP token in your wallet. A leaderboard tracks the longest chain of swaps.

Richard O'Gorman

Social music sharing and organization platform

Noman Land

Comet - Privacy-first NAS powered by IPFS & Filecoin

Samuele Agostinelli Janison Sivarajah Daniel Merrill Vojtech Studenka Vicente Dragicevic

The AutoDapp project aims to automatically convert any existing web or mobile application into a decentralized application (DApp) by changing just a single line of code, starting with Discourse and MediaWiki.

Raymond Cheng Jeffrey Dash Hsu

Distributed Hash Table and FS

Dom Steil

Something Something IPFS + The Graph

Jeff Ward

A libp2p based network for sharing iExec ODB orders

Hadrien Croubois

Docker registry driver for powergate

Alok Nerurkar

Proof of concept for using IPFS to act as webapp database

Tim Gianitsos Vassi Gianitsos

A decentralised social media where people can post without worrying about any biases from the platform owner having all the features of a normal social media plus some innovative features.

Mohit Bhat Avinash Kumar

The idea is to build a React Native application with Textile's thread.

Anshul Kumar Mihir Kasundra aayush kumar Shreya Sundaresan

Attempting to implement a dapp that has a few charities as well as their addresses (they will be pseduo addresses for now). Basic idea is that using this dapp one can donate to one or more causes of their choosing through this app.

Mona Rassouli

A decentralised chat app that allows social networking without the risk or fear of censorship

Mulili Nzuki

Place to chat about DeFi

Tomasz Sikorski

MusicTrace is a decentralized system for sharing music globally whiles preventing music from getting pirated.

kofi kofi hervie
Jason May

Platform for young change-makers and social activists to build an immutable profile that allows civil society organizations to allocate resources efficiently.

Nestor Bonilla

A message board to make sure your messages are never read by someone not intended.

Amit Nambiar

Distributed machine learning

Pavel Krolevets

A decentralized bug tracking service

Dennison Bertram

using IPFS ,fileCoins and Mapobox for an open Wiki localisation anonymous sharing services

Rahma Sinien

Dead man's switch or timed switch for revealing secrets or passing on crypto assets.

Ben Wang Shivam Srivastava

A Certificate Attestation and Storage System to cryptographically sign and store tamper-proof, sharable records on IPFS and Blockchain.

Guna Shekar Proddaturi
Dan P

We are currently still researching resources and thinking of an idea

Aleksa Stankovic Vukasin Stancevic Nebojsa Urosevic Stefan Brisevac Bogdan Habic

Proxy Re-Encryption for IPFS to enable social publishing for private audience

Harish Prasanna

This is a project that aims to create a forum that is similar to coingeek where users can view all news that is related to new and current DeFi protocols and interesting projects in the ethereum blockchain.

Patrick Muriuki

A pay structure built into the Ethereum blockchain.

Mike D'Argenio

A a suite of tools for visualizing and analyzing API methods interacting with Filecoin and IPFS, using Lotus and D3.

Chris Spannos

An IPFS-backed Sparse Merkle tree for state storage

Mustafa Al-Bassam Ismail Khoffi

SweetMustard is a decentralized podcasting platform. Podcasts can be uploaded to ipfs, monetized by sponsors via a smart contract, and distributed to Spotify, Apple, and others via RSS.

Drew Patel
Chuqiao Ren Mrinal Venkatesh

Running Godmode blockchain as a service and reads scripts from FFS to create different testing scenarios such as the Black Thursday.

Sung-Shine Lee
Charles BEYER Steven Jehannet Fabien MyLastName Timothée Girard Vincent Vanhassel

A platform for playing high-stakes games of chess in a trustless environment using off chain message passing to reduce gas fees.

Noah Citron

A web/mobile APP where users can select their social media data and store it on Filecoin Network.

K Cheng Tianqi Sun Max Yu Van Zhang

Web visualization of the filecoin storage market as an order book on an exchange

Jon Cinque

I am tinkering and learning about libp2p.

harsh jain

Podcasting is due for a rewrite, and may benefit from IPFS primitives such as trickle-DAG retrieval, and IPLD/storage efficiency when editing episodes. Migrating from RSS could be a 10x improvement for publisher flexibility and metrics as well.

Ken Leiserson

Qurie is a tool to store encrypted images on IPFS.

Zach Ambrose

I would like to build a Dapp to store the video or message


Decentralized news aggregator currated by readers

Ryan Bubinski

A blockchain Based P2P Messaging Application

Steve Kiarie

A web wallet for Ethereum & ERC-20 tokens, that you can login to from anywhere. User onboarding for dApps in just one line of code.

Seena Zandipour

A synced dice-rolling environment for remotely playing games like dungeons and dragons

Drew Lazzeri

Network Viz is a UI for generating a bird-view of a KadDHT-enabled libp2p nodes within a given protocol. It consumes a peerInfo IDs of discovered nodes to provide an abstract view of a network at a given point in time.

Jose Aguinaga

Unstopable website that will allow the dowload of a linux mint iso that is already pinned on IPFS.

Darren Tapp

Featural alphabet for Chinese, might be extended into a Chinese-based conlang

Austin Liu

A simple bot maked in Telegram to help farmers to create certificates in the IPFS of every single tree of their crops.

Germán Lugo

A public dating platform

Cyril Attie