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A bot that allows users to set stop-losses on the value of an existing debt and collateral, which will automatically self-liquidate using AAVE flashloans and the 1Inch DEX when the user-defined threshold is reached.

John Connerton Steven Fadel

Tradeable AI-generated art NFTs that earn you passive income through AAVE

Not Real

A decentralized, transparent, fair, diverse lottery platform. It ultilizes yield farming protocols, such as Aave,to generate interest which is distributed as prizes for no participant losses. It offers sports and financial lottery by using Chainlink off-chain solutions.

Samuel Tang KuoYeh Shen Jia Yi Li Jinwoo Seong

Q2T combines DIDs, Mutual Credit & Quadratic Funding to allow (1) a sybil-resistant, fair mean for donors to support Public Goods - and (2) a way for projects to attract funds and non-repayable loans in a permissionless fashion, based on the milestones achieved.

Alex P. Evgeni Shavkunov Markus Vasemägi Milena Monova Carlos Noverón

Leverage on AAVE using Flashloan and 1inch swap

Harry Ng

This is an attempt to implement a Shariah-compliant version of the Aave protocol that could be used through The Islamic Endowment and the Islamic loan Hassan.

Eman Herawy

A simple project to make deposits on the best available offer in DeFi

Andrey Semenov

Chronchain is bringing valuable real life asset in decentralized Finance.


Taxes and Profit/Loss tracking for Defi

Nori Yoshida

Shame front-runners by awarding untokens.

Tom Dwyer Karol Podufalski Cosimo de' Medici Kirsty Goodary

CAT allows you to observe the historical price margins of ERC20 tokens between Ethereum Mainnet and Matic chain (and QuickSwap). This is going to be the port of similar project I did for Mainnet-xDAI at a

Makoto Inoue

NFT based lucky coupon system by using with aave

Will Park

Create a trustless system for undercollateralized loans by implementing a credit score system.

Oscar Serna Igor Egin Roberto Cantu Christian Cathro Michael Ferber

Let your ecosystem improve your dApp.

Chris Chris Waseem Hussain Isidoros Passadis Chad Lynch

Airdrops are great, but did you miss any? How about POAPs? Now you'll know. Has been used to claim over $50,000USD already.

Dawson Botsford

Allows to refinance loan in DeFi space by leveraging credit delegation.

Brahma Sen

The easiest way to onboard a friend into DeFi! Hop on the DeFi Train!

Corbin Page Stephen Byrne

Aave V2 User Retention Dashboard and Funnel Analysis

Napolean s

Margin Lending app connecting lenders and borrowers

thibault bouzat Fred Faye Saurabh Wadhwa Viraz Malhotra Sergi Alcaraz

AAVE liquidation notify Telegram bot, backed by Spreadsheet

Fred Lin Ping Chen

Hush Hush is a privacy extension to Aave interest bearing tokens that support anonymous savings accounts

Lasse Herskind ping acow

Poolside is a one-stop shop to discover new listings and top movers in DeFi. We provide near real-time updates about

Julia Wu James Levy

Markets to buy and sell risk

Jackie Liu

Make every second count! Whether you're an artist, open-source dev, content creator or organization, Sublimate lets you accept continuous financial support from anyone—paid automatically over time in ERC20 tokens per block—so you can focus on creating and building amazing things.

Ulysse Ramage Amine Lahrichi Blagoj Dimovski Darryl Yeo

An easy to use contract enabling the use of Aave flashloans to leverage a position in any supported token

Paul Trehiou

Calling smart contract from c and enable it as block programming

Jérôme Rastit

A platform that allows people to borrow ERC20 tokens with NFT tokens as collateral

Tomohiro Furuta Julian C Robin Roy Thomas Eric Trimble

DeFi insurance platform with an under-collateralized insurance pool that anyone can stake into, combined with in-house smart contract security analysis to offer protocols the lowest insurance prices in DeFi.

Evert Kors Jack Sanford

A flexible and adaptable DAO implementation

John Sterlacci Julia Rosenberg Steven Valeri Daniel Thompson William Kim

BitFinca is a blockchain-based lending platform that allows anyone to microinvest in ventures that matter, with no minimum investment.

Jeff Wentworth Jaclyn Chan

An interest earned simulator for the Aave deposits and borrows.

Anna Vakulyuk

Historical lending returns calculator on idle assets

Clement Bihorel Iván Alberquilla Vasileios Georgopoulos

A lending market that uses Aave credit delegation to allow loans against ERC-721 tokens.

Peter Michael Adam Azad Théo Rochaix

Unsecured lending vaults using Bloom, Molecule, and Aave

Isaac Patka Dustin van Schouwen Calvin Pak Shain Lafazan

This is a project to create a financial crisis resistant pension platform

Tony Kunz

AAVEtrage is a dashboard focused on interest rate arbitrage. AAVEtrage allows users to leverage their AAVE borrowing power and earn additional yield.

Andrew Schmidt William Phan

A marketplace for loans from aave credit delegation where aave holders can vote on lending proposals

Mulili Nzuki

A platform that creates a whisky-backed cryptocurrency to link retail investors with small-batch distilleries.

Jasper Degens Tillman Degens

SIGH Finance consists of an on-chain lending protocol designed to farm 'Volatility-Risk' of the supported instruments and an off-chain network intelligence infrastructure to study, develop and optimize crypto-econometric models supported by Digital Curation Markets (DCM).

Rahul Mittal

Hedge the exchange rate risk of USD stablecoins

kipit kipit Markus Schick Philipp Kläser

Crypto market and culture watch; stream synthesis bot. An audiovisual program of whats happening in Crypto, entertainment from the blockchain, sourced through theGraph and smart contracts.

Rob Renn

Enabling short-selling in DeFi using Aave credit delegation and One inch

Vijay Lakshminarayanan

A creative blockchain platform for independent creators and brands to exchange services directly and earn incentives through the use of

Gawain Bracy II Delvric Tezeno Ashar Shahid

Our goal is to offset Blockchain transaction by purchasing CO2 token credits for a greener future

Jordi P. Aulet

Create a liquidator bot (or libraries a liquidator bot might use)

Dan Kirsche

A tokenized shelter-dog walking protocol.

Andrew Hong Joseph Corrado Emily Lin

Workflow automation for cryptocurrency investors

Rj Bernaldo

Winvoy is a decentralised invoice finance platform for small and medium businesses

Diego Rivas Dragos Sutu

Using the Aave platform to list our token and enable portfolio positions to be updated, Chainlink oracles to stream live data into the portfolio app, our token will allow users to own an index fund of the top 5 crypto tokens according to Coin Market Cap.

John McLaughlin

DeFi based life insurance with leveraged Aave crypto-asset depositors as reinsurers earning stable interest.

R. Benson Evans

Allow Aave users to delegate borrowing power to the yearn platform

Carlos Sessa Sam Priestley

A smart contract that acts as a special kind of wallet where you must provide a backup wallet address when you deposit your assets. The depositor can then decide to opt-in to use their assets as funds for the Aave Lending Pool so they can earn passive interests on their assets.

Ayodeji Awosika Kayode Okunlade Temitayo Daniel Jeremiah Noah Favour Arua Adebayo Daramola Olaoluwa Fatolu

Yaka is a tool to automatically distribute stablecoins' yield from Aave to several strategies to newcomers who wants to start investing in cryptocurencies for long term, such a Dollar Cost Average strategies in Index Tokens or even payments.

David Garcia Nico Lalle Alex Duran

Paladin is a governance lending protocol. This new money lego allows users to benefit from additional APY while helping governance activists user inactive voting rights.

Romain FIGUEREO Yura Sherman Valentin VIGER Maxime Ramos Tom Amiri

Pay salaries to scientists, free software authors, etc. using money transfer from the future accordingly to traders predictions of future oracles. We can collect money during 100 years in the future.

Victor Porton

Featureful time lock contract for tokens

Chris Markov

FlashSuite is a set of tools created in a user-friendly interface with FlashLoan enabled features for position migration and arbitrage opportunities.

Raphael Roullet Alain Papazoglou Li Sun Michal Shachman

Vesting Party is a platform for hosting token distribution events, we call these events parties. Hosts can use our tooling to distribute ERC20 tokens to eligible users in an effort to promote awareness and align their user community around a common goal.

Luke Duncan Gabriel Garcia Matias Carrea Fiore Botta Félix Bertrand

Experimental blockchain game playable with interactive crypto-collectibles (NFTs) running on ethereum.

Habacuc Vera Alan Espino Mario Briseño

xCFD is a decentralized CFD platform built on UMA. It's currently in beta, with a mainnet V1 coming soon!

Nathan Clark

An options aggregator comparing both DeFi and CeFi options.

Andre Korol Spyros S

An on-chain crypto options aggregator that gives traders and developers the cheapest options price.

Taisuke Mino Victor Huang


Jay-De Burger

A seignorage token that aims to stay pegged to the total crypto market cap divided by 10^12 per token. (Base protocol meets Basis cash)

Diego Ferrer Rodrigo Gaona Ratandeep Singh Bansal Tomo Huynh

Portfolio Alignment for Degens: With Mindful, you can adopt strategies to mindfully DCA into assets, rebalance your portfolio, and take profits automatically. Let your mindful self plan for your degen self's future.

Liesl Eichholz Haythem Sellami Chris Fulford Matthias Bachmann

Provide functionality to link a wallet and transact with the AAVE protocol.

Z Morris

Allow people with hearing loss really owned their audiogram

Ray Yang

Token rewards bank to service an inclusive development community, giving depositors reward token drips, a personalized identity token, and high-yield staking returns.

Daniel Rickey

Identity as a service. Alternative to state ID. Identity uniqueness is represented by it's forgery price.

Petr Porobov

We aim to built native mobile app (Both iOS and Android) for AAVE. By allowing mobile users (without any desktop access) to access AAVE via simplified user on boarding, we expand AAVE reach to broader audience

Avyact Jain Gurupreet Singh Eric Bachman

Lump Finance is a decentralized-support platform that allows content creators to receive funding from their fans while significantly reducing the financial burden for the fans

nick morris

Bring together all your accounts and access the latest price data for your favourite pairs

Femi Ojo

Cross-Chain Swap DeFi platform based on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain via ChainLink Oracles.

Aleksandr A Boris Povar Sergey Pylypiv Bogdan Sivochkin

Onboarding GitHub Users to Ethereum: Decentralized tool for transfers, bounties, donations and promotions by connecting GitHub, Ethereum and Twitter with an intuitive and simplistic user interface.

Markus Kottländer Sachin Kumar

Welcome to N3RDefi - Enter the N3RDs g33k-o-system, come join us as we gamefi decentralised finance 8 bit style

Craig Moss

DeFi's insurance against defaults ~ a decentralized CDS protocol that puts risk under your control

Aveesh Shetty Anar Enhsaihan Augustin Berisa Thomas Lui

Boost a collateralised loan with a non-collateralised loan.

Andres Puusaar

A priceless limit ordering system.

Jim Dawson Declan Buchan

Incentive Based Buyer/Seller Prevention

Myles Sherman Xiangan He Aniket Majumder Nivan Gujral Sokkunthea Chhim

Anaytics Dashboard to Track ENS Domain lifecycle

Sarvesh Jain

Decentralized margin trading protocol for opening long and short positions on any tokens listed on Aave with up to 5x leverage

Gautham Ganesh Elango

SimpleFi makes it easy to track your DeFi investments. See exactly what you've invested in, and the breakdown of your ROI.

Raphael Mazet

Reimaging ICO Fundraising

Hlib Kanunnikov Nhu Viet Nguyen Yevhen Iorhachov Anatolii Osetsymskyi Kyrylo Volkov

Fanance club is a Sports stars trading platform where one can invest in their favourite Sports Stars

Shri Raghu Raaman Thiyagharajan

Adding a time-release to ownership of ETH and ERC tokens

Juan Barinas Lucas Ziegenfuhs Gaël Fichet Bob Clark Upal Chowdhury

A crypto currencies exchange platform allowing to perform up to 5 swaps at a time with predefined lists of Top 5 performers by categories

Gilles Barnier Abhishek Sagu Lincoln Hyde Taha Dhailey

An attempt of capturing other contracts events via an oracle

Danilo Ramirez

peer to peer coverage protocol on Layer 2

César Rodríguez William LeGate

7% peer to peer cashback using Dai.

Warren Simpson

AAVE Credit Delegation V2 Workflow ERC 1155 Tokens, Token Farms and DAO & AAVE Flash Loan V2 Bonding Curve Integration Architecture on StarkWare StarkEx DEX

Gokul Alex

Create a way to recover access to wallets via a secure , decentralized, and anonymous way in the Ethereum ecosystem.

Med Amine ID Linda Chun Kevin Ingles Matthew Allen Yuling Ma

VTuber token on Matic

Tadashi Mannou Kensuke Yaku Daisuke Otsuka Daisuke Matsuoka

Alert system for trades made by pool managers on DHedge

Milan Patel

Put your transactions on autopilot and follow advanced ethereans strategies

Aimeric Seguin Marcello Bardus

community owned and curated cryptoart gallery and marketplace on MATIC.

Max Jackson Micah Smith Calvin Sze

StableYield simplifies lending/borrowing on Aave with automatic collateral swaps to highest yielding stablecoin and credit delegation using a DAO structure.

Kames Cox-Geraghty

A fantasy gaming application similar to fantasy football but geared towards the e-sports scene.

Alessandro Parma Stanimir Stoychev

Delegate credit on AAVE through UI


A depositor is able to delegate fluidly (continuous | instant) to a borrower.

pk rasam

Actionable analytics for DeFi liquidity providers

Mario Romero

Automatically donate earned interest on tokenized assets from Aave's Lending Pool.

Karl Schmidt Harry Shuttleworth Maximilian Stahl Daniel Müller

A fun, social and visual way to discover and learn DeFi protocols

Xavier Lavayssiere Jack Zhang Kevin Zieber Lucia Ziyuan Fabian Schüssler

Non custodial Onchain Leveraged positions powered by Aave and 1inch

Marco Ruggeri Bhanu Sanghi Vamsi Reddy

A payment gateway to allow decentralized payments

Samuel Fanimokun Nonse Ifebhor Huíchí Man

Attempt to create a goverment Id using erc 721 and hack in a voting system with ERC 721.

Derek Santos Sidi

Leverage on Aave using 1inch.

krishna goyal

Silk link is an Oracle project, which provides offline price and data for NFT in defi stable currency synthetic asset insurance prediction market.

Zhida Luo erc ma Judas Luo dylan chen Jia Pei

FlashLoad powered by Aave

Waheed Rahuman

Decentralized Food Stamp System EBT

Eli Calderon Morin Tony Luo Zeping Luo Zhuoran Su

A bot that protects from aave-liquidation event

Sidhartha Doddipalli

Refungible assets based game that demonstrates Defi concepts and gives exposure to projects with Minecraft based theme.

Sagar Behara Yash Agrawal

EthGlobal Market Make Hackathon - Solving crude oil theft by reconciling Bill of Lading between mid-stream suppliers and end-stream refiners from Midland, Texas to Houston, Texas.

Edward Amor JUANA MASON Edson Ramirez Kenneth Luster Andy Keh

An dapp that allow customers to donate funds to restaurants

You Song Hou

Lossless Membership dApp

Sing Yiu Cheung

A protocol for making decentralized volatility index feeds for synthetic tokens.

wade Kimbro Chris Cashwell

We allow for a more sustainable financing of mission critical open source projects that better aligns depositor's sense of altruism with their profit motives by introducing a new Defi money lego

pong cheecharern Jacob Hite Nichanan Kesonpat Omar Kalouti

An Aave flash loan analytics web app for better understanding and reacting to flash loan transactions

Ben Sparks Calum Murphy

Undercollaterized loans to Dapps and protocols using aave delegation credit

Alexis Masseron Amelie Chatelain Rémi ARQUEVAUX Stéphane Coquet Loïc Vincent-Genod

If you don't forget to water the EtherTree, you will get a share of the fruit!

Zakiah Resnik Michael Jordan Michael Colson seth x Adil Hussain Michael Colson

A set of extensions that help to use Aava's oracle and data provider and chainlink's oracles using Dotnet(c#)

Lucas viana

Synthetic premarket asset protocol built on UMA protocol

Meir Bank

A decentralized alternative to FB Marketplace, where you have to stake a small amount of ETH to message the seller.

Noel Emmanuel

Copyright assets that are already tokenized would be accessible on our platform for securities solutions such as the sale of a bond based on the performance of the intrinsic asset- i.e the royalties it has generated so far and is expected to generate in the future.

Nicolás Guasca Lincoln Murr Prasad Kumkar Frank Pei Keita Susuki

Keep your ENS name safe using automatic renewals

Daniel Chilvers

Buy now pay later means you pay by installments over time, instead of paying the full amount upfront for the Crypto you want. Sick of missing the hottest token dips? or Can't cough up the money straight away for your favourite Crypto? Buy Now Pay Later Model 4 Crypto.

Kane Waterworth Boris Polania Lucus ra Karim Imam Godswill Ezeoke

FujiBorrow is the first protocol that aggregates borrowing rates from multiple lending platforms and facilitates its pool of users to constantly refinance debt to the lowest interest rate available.

JC AWE Boyan Barakov Edgar MOREAU Daigaro Cota Oscar Fonseca

Decentralized Startup incubator/funding pool that promotes investing and contributing to ideas

Ryan Snyder Vince Trost Sophie Pham

A unified platform for fans to donate crypto to their favorite creators and for creators to earn yield on their crypto assets through automated yield farming.

Chris Hailey Jan Clarin Priyank Aranke

Alternative UI for Balancer Pools

Gareth Fuller

Aave Credit Delegation allows a depositor to deposit funds in the protocol to earn interest, and delegate borrowing power to other users.

Viraj Anchan

A credit delegation platform for impactful projects

Merlin Egalite

You can leverage on your aave position by utilizing FlashLoan and 1Inch Swap

MohammadReza Naeini

The aave teller machine is a physical cash liquidity provider.

Chris Hughes

Create long and short synths for $1INCH token using UMA Protocol on Kovan Network

Timothy Ong Julian Koh

A decentralized flash loan marketplace that enables flash loan for any token

TT Lin

Gov10 is GovTech that aims to solve the problem of routing digital attention to physical matter. Done through AAVE loans on land and biology, by building a credit network of attracting funds for builders with developments and users with well being contributions as NFTs from BCIs.

Morgan Moskalyk

Uncollateralized protocol for margin trading

Mikhail Lazarev

sports prediction market + flash loan credit delegation

J Michaels

A fork of using Optimism's L2 optimistic roll-up

Jason Huan Angela Lu David Zheng Alexander Feinfield Tyler Goodman

Vote Splitter lets users 'rent out' their votes for Governor Alpha (Compound-style) governances.

Rafael Solari Natacha De la Rosa Dennison Bertram Nate Parton

Defi historical measures the historical performance of any pl pair of any defi protocols(uniswap, sushiswap) platform. so user can make its investment startergy.

Sunny Radadiya

FundBot allows you to select any trading strategy from Tradingview and turns it into a bot-based fund running on decentralized asset management platform dHedge (powered by Synthetix)

Mike De'Shazer

A failed attempt to build simple UI for Aave flash loan and/or credit delegation on the scaffold-eth framework.

Janson Mak

AAVE Liquidation Protection Bot. Avoid liquidation penalties and take precise control over thresholds where repayment occurs.

Shahan Yang Farid Bahlol

Build an application to show live activities such as transactions, gas, fee ... and do analytics as well such as trending coin based on transactions.

Minh Nguyen

DeFiSM is an on-chain social trading game that models a simple leverage trading strategy as a finite state machine.

Kiran Fernando Felipe Gomez Sudeep Biswas

Standard protocol is an collaterized algo stablecoin with automated liquidation process.

Hyungsuk Kang

UnFederalReserve B2B Lending CeFi to DeFi bridge protocol

ryan medlin

Magnet is a tool for DAOs to attract talent to their project. It makes compensation easy with vesting packages, salaries, and bonuses.

Will Hennessy

AavalonGateKeeper is your personal Aave assistant. It lets you know when there's a significant change in your collateral ratio and it can trigger a stop loss order to avoid liquidation, by leveraging flash loans and 1inch

Michael Michaelides

An exchange for trading cryptocurrency derivatives.

Leo Azopardo Andres Avila

Our team has conceptualized a Layer 3 application for the Ethereum network, utilizing the power of Liquidity Provision as the backbone.

Michael Fonda Leon Lee David Friesen

Incentevized task management where you earn interest on your staked tokens if you complete your claim, or lose the stake in case of failure

Eniko Nagy

A service that will allow users to leverage on AAVE using Flashloan and 1inch swap and/or protect user's collateral from liquidation

Kirill Madorin

Earn Together is a website where you can invite any friend who has a wallet to pool in tokens and then deposit them in the AAVE market and to earn interest for everyone.

Bryan Pinos

DeFi Advisor is a social network where people can create credit pools to friends and advisors for them to play around across the DeFi ecosystem while earning reputation and delegation tokens. Powered by AAVE Credit Delegation.

Jose Aguinaga

A synthetic long on personal tokens

Tsolmondorj Natsagdorj Zachary Fogg

Track DeFi investments from various protocols.

Jeff Milewski

What are you worth. Tokenize yourself and see.

Kwame Bryan

DeFi management portal

Mike D'Argenio

Singing-based deathmatch game. Sing for your stake.

Roderick Hodgson

I am still deciding, just working through some aave tutorials, will be something simple

Philip Tuomey

A "ready-to-eat" 🥪 and ready-to-delegate native credit delegation app on Aave v2 featuring capital isolation of borrowed funds to protect depositor's from credit risk.

Jack Winfield

Working Title - Exploring ERC1155's transmutability (and its ability to liquidize tokenized assets)

Kevin Bluer

1inch exchange bounty #2

Michael Zhang Tommy Tai Charlie Wang

Making Defi UX easier

Yash Shah dan13ram

Interest rate simulator based on liquidity that user is interested in depositing.

Shi Ying Tey

Aggregator of all big protocols where you can lend and borrow with one protocol, and in the background, it will shift between protocols to receive the lowest APY you have to pay.

Rostyslav Dzhohola

Leverage long/short orders using Flash Loans

Mubaris NK Gautham Santhosh

The project is a dollar-cost-averaging dapp that helps investors to continuously buy certain token on Uniswap. The user deposits a certain amount of USDC, DAI or ETH and then the dapp executes set swaps at the set frequency. We intend to integrate Aave in a similar way.

Ashton Playsted Žiga Perović

Set stop-loss and take-profit orders on aave 2 positions.

Vb Streetz

Liquidation protection and profit making bot.

Aniket Parate

IFO Platform + Yield Optimser for Matic network to increase DeFi adoption on both networks that will utilize matic's pos & plasma bridges for low fee yield farming using eth and dai etc

Jayden Dunn

A new type of AMM

Tony Snark

Subgraph for tracking impermanent loss for Uniswap pairs

Nate Bolam

TBD, but probably an UMA synth backed by renBTC tracking ETH price

Pablo Bianciotto

Overcolalterized Permissionless Lending Protocol

Ankit Chiplunkar

Increase the capital of your family while you manage your family budget

Miguel Gordian

Fork of compound with multiple term loans and deadlines

Ben Schreck

Let's write Aave liquidation protection fast before the market drops.

Tomasz Sikorski