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An implementation of 'animals game' popular game on Brazil

Dalton Oliveira danilo neves cruz RODRIGO BRONZELLE

a simple Topology Token that uses for topology-connected Tokens

Theo Dounas

A secondary marketplace for NFTs that is affordable, rewarding and enjoyable. 1) 0.5% Transaction Fees 2) Native Token Rewards 3) Stunning UX 4) Customisable Auctions

Zakiah Resnik Adil Hussain seth x Michael Jordan

A pooltogether prize pool that allows participants to stake Boson tokens and win Boson NFTs that are redeemable for physical items

Holly Atkinson Ludovic LEVALLEUX Nassar Hayat

Digital NFT album drop platform with on-chain graphical autograph attached to album NFTs!

Scott Moses Sunarto Matthew Katz Parker Jou Evan Mays Tyrone Davis

Crypto Corgis live (and die) on the blockchain. A corgi is born every block but is only claimable for 256 blocks. Only 10,000 can be claimed. Claim yours.

Francesco Agosti

Hashink is the modern version of signing autographs for celebs! Awesome ux/ui, secondary market for residual dinero, transparent on blockchain, no greedy middlemen—wohooo!

Felipe Faraggi Pablo Palomo Brennan Fife Justin Shenkarow

An affiliate marketplace for subscription services using cashflow NFTS powered by SuperFluid, built on Polygon.

Matt Aaron Temur Mirzosharipov Yura Sherman John Kuney Michael Ghen

Boundless: the infinite exhibition, eternally generated by a collective of synthetic artists. The TL;DR is one #NFT minted per #Ethereum block, sold initially via Dutch auction, then owned using Harberger taxes. The artwork is generative, using the blockhash as input.

Auryn Macmillan Tommy Cox Colton Brown

A NFT NO-LOSS tournament Virtual Reality game in the name of RarePizzas. Slice and dice pizzas while jamming through your favorite NFT songs. Get the highest score and win a RarePizza NFT from

Irvin Cardenas Xiangxu Lin Anthony Shafer Caitlyn Lenhoff Tina Xu

Func makes NFTs functional. Plug in any NFT and explore endless ways to use it. We believe, in the future, an NFT will be measured by how func-y it is.

Nate Wolfe Dreeem The Artist

Communicate and connect through NFT’s. Talk to anyone on the blockchain.

Teck Liew Derek Tor

Hardware wallet for NFT that enables you to truly own and showcase your art with hosted IPFS node

taehun lim Alex Matson Kartikeya Sharma

Ball Street is a marketplace for trading sports cards where buyers purchase fractional shares, and sellers earn royalties on their cards.

Nadir Chaudhry Matthew Mihok Dimitri Frederick Siavash Khan Karim Imam Chris Yang

The goal is for Creatorr to be a platform which helps creators receive financial support from their fans. Their fans earn unique dynamic NFT tokens from their content creator after the donation. In return these tokens are collectibles, tradeable and/or sellable.

Rosalie Avalon van Beek Andrew Rangel Tom Ford João Rodrigues Jurjen Folkertsma

Painting masterpiece that has been created since 1996 by an Indonesian artist named Iweng (Irwan Bagja) consist of 26 different panel for a one giant painting artwork. It has been exhibited several number of times, locally and also internationally.

Arya Krishna Daniel O'Kane Stamford Hwang Chee Hau Lam

A Dapp for buying, minting, and sharing Ascii Art NFTs (unfinished)

Sean Behan Kurt Bruggeman Ariful Bhuiyan

Truefans is like web3 Patreon. This platform let fans to support creator using an automated recurring real time payment (every seconds) and get unique generated NFT depending on the length of their subscription. Early supporters get higher tier badges that they can show off later

Thomas Lui

Fractional and affordable property investment.

Sumi Mudgil

We propose a proof of attention protocol where creators and consumers of digital content will be rewarded for their contributions without the need for subscriptions, donations, micropyaments, or advertising

Michael Lustig Abhi Kumbara Christian Köhler Theo Telonis

NFT embodies the DAO mindset

0xmiracle Lee su tao Charlie Zhou

We are building a mechanism to allow for locking up NFTs for use in larger Meta-NFTs. In designing out this mechanism, we also believe it would be useful as a generalized tool for a variety of purposes.

Kris Jones Dutch Tide

NFTs to create asset baskets and OTC trades

Martin Sterlicchi Justin Hugelen-Padin

LootVault offers a unique way for creators to interact with their fans through utility focused NFTs.

Kai Klapal Grace Ng Michael Arnold Milo BC

Tiktok creators turn their videos into NFTs and auction them

Samee Siddiqui

Generator zNFT markets - or genZNFTs - make for trade-able and update-able intelligence models by individual owners on the Zora protocol

Morgan Moskalyk

Bought or sold an NFT recently? NFTChat is a Keybase team where your NFTs unlock exclusive chatrooms with fellow NFT creators and collectors!

Darryl Yeo

A digital representation for paper based Ijaza on blockchain. This Ijaza is basically an NFT on ethereum network where nft holders can spawn other nfts from the same category. This NFT CAN NOT be transferred from one owner to another.

Eman Herawy

Bringing culture to ⛓ The cultural NFT marketplace 🌎

Mark Pereira

Nifty - a marketplace for Twitch users, who value collecting rare moments.

Mikk Õun Karin Rosenberg Mattias-Johann Vlassov

Aztec Interactive NFTs Fractional Ownership using NIFTEX to provide liquidity and governance functionality on $AZTEC ERC20 Tokens

Habacuc Vera Anton Tarasov Joaquim Balta

A Sustainable Future for Creators: NFT + Social Tokens + DAOs = Universal Creator Income. Crypto solves for a creator middle class.

Raymond Feng James Young

Gashapon is a Mooncats inspired NFT vending machine factory that generates unique NFTs with some interesting economics.

Ken Hodler Morgan Sherwood

NFT Trickle payments using SuperFluid, built by AngelDAO

Meir Bank Daniel Warrick

Exlore the NFTs owned by an address in 3D

Raphael Roullet Yohan Bouché

A Creative Collective of Chefs to share their recipes with the community of gastronauts !

Gokul Alex Sneha Vijayan Kavya Sabin

Souvenir enables cities and towns to issue unique local NFTs that individual travelers can collect and display in a digital passport, just like real travel stamps!!

Nicolas Six Lucas Legrand Joel Jesudason Shannon Wells Julie Wu

A fully decentralized game on IPFS. Own one of the first fully decentralized games.

Leon Do

Season Battle to tip the best creators.

Nicolas Vergne Guillaume Roux Maxime Pivet-Pierre Quentin Girard Clément Girard jules quivogne

Animal Money is an economic experiment in auctioning off a piece of art as it's being created, with a Twitch livestream, a Uniswap pool, and the $ANIMAL ERC20 token.

John Shutt Oleg Kolbasov

Own a piece of crypto history!

Krishan Patel Arthur Fox

A keywording tool that guides platform visitors towards the most meaningful content to each individual collectors.

Anna Pris

A very short introduction to NFTs

Tim Coleman

Mousai is an NFT RoyaltyDAO that allows artists to share royalties with their fans.

Med Amine ID Lamont Veal Yuling Ma

A fully decentralized marketplace for renting out NFTs with multiple forms of renting.

Nathaniel Oden Zhenting Zhou
Fernando Torres

Hunt your favorite NFTs and discuss about them

Viraj Anchan

Communities built on NFTs. Use onchain NFT data to form social groups, connect NFT creator and collectors, and verify memberships. Share exclusive content and rewards. Collectors take part in shaping the story of their NFT communities.

Jiashan Wu Greg Leuch

Big Miniature Tokens combine 3D-printed, fantastically fabricated models with a certificate of ownership and access to virtual NFT rendering.

Kevin Weaver Adam Weaver Carmen Weaver

A profit-sharing marketplace of stories.

Alex P. Milena Monova

Uniswap style AMM pools for ERC-1155 NFTs and USDC Pairs to make NFTs more liquid and instantly buy/sell by removing orderbook system

Apoorv Lathey

A free service for timestamping NFT files on the blockchain to avoid offchain frontrunning.

Lex Skogard

ArtAlchemy is a platform where clients communicate a wish list to their favourite artist so that the artist knows what items and materials to make the next great piece from. Mint your materials and instruct your artist to make your wishes come to life.

Hico Mc Donald Rudolf Hartwig

💸🌲 📈 Deposit funds & watch them grow in an NFTree. Cut it down to release your funds and create a piece of art based on its growth.

Theo Ephraim Jascha Ephraim Jeffrey Qiu Kareem Amin

A NFT search utility for NFT users without technical background

Ken ValleyLife
Calvin Pak

A place to curate, showcase, and enjoy everything you digitally own. Showcase your collectibles & express who you are.

Anir Agarwal Emanuel Rosu Sarmad Qadri Parakh J Vishal Mathur

To create a basic NFT Art Marketplace that incorporates a JS based NFT and print options

Jeremy Kesten Casey Falvey

Remember when humans paid goods with goods? Well it all starts over again, but this time we have the tech to make it seamless and simple. NFTs as means of payment.

Sebastian Pape Charles Carlson Marco Ruggeri Moaaz Sidat

VFG is a space created with augmented & virtual reality that provides a virtual environment where artists exhibit their art, allowing users to interact with pieces based on immersive technology.

Daniel Miranda Juan Manuel Escobar Natalia Prada

Nifty books empowers authors and enables secondary ebook markets with NFTs.

Theodore Brinkofski Rashi Abramson

Gloatbook is curated, aesthetic gallery and leaderboard for NFT Collectors and Artists

Anjelica Sauerwein Adam Bavosa

Potential buyers place bids on NFTs. If they win, they can mint. Supports both ETH and Fiat.

Sophie Pham
Jennifer Tran Sergej Lotz Luis Egea

Enable creators to reward fans with their Creator Coin, and let fans redeem them for NFTs and other rewards

Matt Alston Melissa Zhang Alexandra Barr Shiv Gupta Joshua Richardson

Decentreelized connects donors with farmers to engage in environmental conservation 🌳🙌

luiz soariis Chakrit Thippachartyothin Aditya Aditya crays loh

Like2Price is a tool for estimating the price of NFT arts using online reputation metrics, including likes, dislikes, follows.

Arthur Hsiao Janice Hsu Mavis Liu Chowei Lee

Instantly turn your Instagram page into minted NFTs that you can sell!

Brody Berson Reid Robinson

Evolving NFTs

Dan Martin Cole Cramer Ashton Playsted

Step-by-step training for artists to create their first NFTs and successfully launch

Indigo Ocean Matt Clark Val Giacomo

TuaTara TV is a live stream airing on DARK-labs's youtube channel composed of aggregated data from the blockchain and smart contracts. Our mission is to build data-agnostic analytics for humans.

Rob Renn

Indiestarter is a decentralized crowdfunding platform connecting creatives and investors.

Sebastian Stoll

Exploring how NFT could expand the definition of what we call art

Gilles Mustar

Help new project to raise funds for long term growth.

Mukesh jaiswal

Secret Heroes is an NFT based card battle game based on secretNFTs - NFTs with private metadata on Secret Network. Players buy pack for fighter cards(NFTs) and don't know their opponents fighters strength before the fight.

Can Kisagun Florian Uhde John Brodish William Wincer

Social GeoCache of AR NFT content on the 3D Web

Liam Broza

A project for creators to mint and print NFTs paired with real-world merchandise.

Zachary Pelkey Alec Wantoch

The Impact Project enables access to support the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Scott Tangney

Make web 1.0 webpages in web 3.0 style – integrate the decentralized NFT ecosystems into your own style. Fetch NFTs from platforms, call organized external APIs, and animate the webpage too for more fun.

iain nash

A decentralized music platform exploring NFTs as a solution for royalties.

Daniel Iñiguez John Asafo

Welcome to Ethermore — An emerging fantasy world built on community and blockchain. Unique procedurally generated fantasy characters that will populate the founding of Ethermore. A fantasy world with off-chain community building on-chain lore.

Dan Epstein

Confetti Vortex Cards are interactive and absorbing art NFTs that are owned, tracked, and traded via the blockchain.

Kawandeep Virdee Noman Land

A dapp that allows reader to buy stories in NFT

You Song Hou

Genesis is a platform where emerging NFT artists can build a community, receive feedback, and receive an upvote to help their visibility for potential bids. In short, product hunt for NFT’s.

Jesus Martinez Caitlin Ner Aaron Caulfield Mieszko Manijak

CryptoArt token history on SuperRare

Leo Zeba

There are quindecillions (trillions of trillions...) of Mandalas, procedurally generated bitmaps, all unique. Pick the one you like :)

Ronan Sandford

Create a decentralized and opensource protocole for legal NFT

Clément Fontaine Victor F Kevin Ngo

Collectors.Cafe is a social network to discover, exhibit and trade NFTs across multiple platforms.

Matt S.

Vault, decentralise trust, tokenise, add value, build collections

Thomas Lorcan bill evans

A sharable transaction builder for making web3 more accessible

Pi0neer Pat luke bateman

Making it easy for collaborators to mint, showcase and monetize their work in their own space for now and for future.

Aheesh Nagraj Harry Ho Nick Adamson Brahma Sen

Crypto Ricers is a virtual game where users can build, own, and collect Ricer cars, and monetize their gaming experiences on the Ethereum blockchain.

William Qualls Evan Roberts Robert McTague Tayyab Jafar Jeff Dinkelman

A silly platform for creating your own uniquely patterned egg. The user, or rather egg-mage, uploads an image file that then textures a 3D egg. If they would like to conjure their egg onto the Ethereum blockchain and world, they are guided to do so.

Ariel Klevecz

Mystery collection of NFTs which are sold as an 'unopened box'. When the supply is sold out, the collection is dramatically revealed on a live stream!

Isaac Patka Mark Redito Gianni DAlerta Owen Murovec

NFT platform that allows Twitch creators to sell special moments of their live stream.

Kevin Pan Dennis Stücken

Gamification of yield farming in the style of Farmville, built on the Charged Particles Protocol

Jill Weakland

A port of Zora's SDK into the Polygon Network (Mumbai)

Diego Ferrer

Make your own limited collectible crypto art using one of our digital artists.

Gleisson DE ASSIS Antonio Hoffert

We make a platform that split one video into multiple pieces, makes it into NFT tokens, and sell it.

kim jung-han

NFTbase is the metaverse marketplace and community where you can buy, sell and create NFT items. We’ll make the world where human creativity is fully respected.

Wick John

Good Tokens reframes art ownership as long term commitment to social engagement

Jasper Degens Barak Chamo

Simple static site generator to make NFT galleries for your website!

Matt Galligan Ian Hunter Jason Theobald Melvin Alvarez

Attach rich metadata to any ERC721's - a protocol for Ethereum deployed on Polygon

Jason Du Jonathan Xu Ryan Ouyang Haardik Haardik

Securing loans from lenders using future-income streams as collateral

Victor Ombui

NFT Pet Adoption

Sharnesha Brentley

ENS NFTs for semantic onchain community directories and token permissioned functionality

Kiba Gateaux

An eBook publication platform using NFTs. Each copy of every title is an NFT, which gives users more freedom and adds further value to the copies that they own.

Richu Kuttikattu Aiswarya Walter Mansoor Othupurayil

CRM platform designed to help NFT creators identify and connect with collectors

Aric Chang Eddie Cranswick Jeremy Vaughn Tom T Bruce Woodruff

Beta testing as a ERC721 NFT protocol server

Bob Clark Farid Bahlol mark watson

Bunchy Protocol is a lending market protocol allowing users to use their NFT as collateral. Start getting leverage on your NFT 💐

Théo Rochaix Tony Snark

NFT stickers & emoji's built into a decentralized e2e encrypted chat application.

Matt Wisniewski rewrites internet history - One million pixels to be sold as NFTs

Philipp Zentner

NFT toolbox for all! Now mint your Tik Toks!

Pablo P Kent Makishima Christian Holman

a beautiful tool that helps you reflect and connect with the rarely seen beauty of nature whilst creating a valuable 1/1 nft art piece that contributes to the wellbeing of the ecosystems and habitats.

Thanos Amoutzias Azure Peace

Mint, manage and market your Harberger assets.

Rosco Kalis Stefan Velkoski Richard Brady

GFT.ART is a web based tool that creators can leverage to send NFTs and for art consumers to receive NFTs, at scale. Our slogan is “to many, all at once.”

Val Mack Roxanne Ravago Sasha Mack Reaal Khalil Elliot Blanchard

Augmented Reality NFT Marketplace

Jeff Scott Ward

Cashcow is a system that allows a company to tokenize their future milk(cash flow) and enable them to sell it on the market(Open Sea, OTC) today. Cashcow is a super app build on top of @Superfluid_HQ and @Polygon

Andrew Redden Francesco Renzi

Tokenize post stamps collections. Operate with stamp collection as one NFT. Use stamp’s denomination.

Aleksandr Davydov Aleksandr Stepanchenko Aleksandra Fetisova

They say you shouldn't collect things. Collect memories! Get a NFT Token, holding a memory proof of your amazing time. The best ones are obviously the ones you make together with others. Mint memories with your friends.

Julius Faber Matthias Lehna Felix Faber

Mint a Musky is a decentralised open-source NFT marketplace alternative offering on-demand minting. It enables artists to upload & showcase their artwork without having to pay gas fees in advance. The NFTs get minted only upon sending the transaction by the buyer.

Aleksandra Nguyen Simon Emanuel Schmid Abena Nigg Pascal Kaufmann

Cryptobeats is a platform for listeners to view their music related NFTs across Zora, Opensea, Rarible, etc.

Marcel O'Neil Peter Pong Daniel Wu

NFT Junior is an NFT marketplace for families and kids

Jeff Wentworth William Metcalfe

CezarX is a collateral lending protocol that enables collectors to take out a fixed-rate loan using their blue-chip NFT as collateral. Liquidity providers finance the loans, earn interest and gain fractional ownership of NFT if borrower defaults.

Fionna Chan Lucas Soi Diana Elena Ion

Transfer NFTs across blockchains with Pooch. He's one nifty mother pupper!

Liesl Eichholz Megan Doyle Noble Noble Michael Yankelev cindy chau

Sprinkles are cute, real-world, verifiable and electronic picture frames which are themselves an NFT worthy of display.

Richard Moore Yuet Loo Wong

A yield farming project backed by a fully integrated NFT gamification system with randomised traits

Dk Ninja Hendrik Bilges Alena Roberts sushmit sarmah Roman Semin

A whole new world of co-creation in VR

Ciaran Moore Amine Lahrichi Christina§ Rud Fred CECILIA

CryptoVandals lets you liberate your NFTs from walled garden platforms. It burns the original NFT and mints a liberated NFT with proprietary links and gateways replaced by open, accessible, content addressed IPFS links.

Alberto Granzotto Greg McMullen

Every Ethereum block depicted as a sparkling palace

Simon Murray

Creating a DAO to manager royalties of NFT

N Axe Mehul Soni

Tattoo NFT, DAO, DEFI platform

Julien Pottiez Abdel Djebli Gnana Lakshmi T C Rishabh Thaney jean-michel alandou

Collaborative storytelling backed by ZoraOS

Keeks Famu

A modular framework for decentralized arts publishing, experience and curation.

Dimitri De Jonghe Samson Amha Malte Sielski Elliott Brunet Patrick Caire

LegalNFT is a licensing agreement generator and explorer for NFT

Abdou Diallo

Win limited sneakers, deconstruct them, remix them into something new. Then get those sneakers delivered to your doorstep! Every Thing's a Remix: mix, match, trade, and redeem composable collectibles.

Nic Munoz-McDonald Tyler Hoffman Fero Hetes

Just by living, you are a piece of art. NFTize me allows you to create an NFT from your own picture!

Gus Guimaraes

A simple starter kit for building Non-Fungible Token marketplaces on the Zora protocol using Next.js, The Graph and Tailwind.

Jordan Overbye

A subgraph to index Crypto Stamps built on The Graph along with a fancy trading movement visualizer!

Jamie Pinheiro

Entropy generates art based on collections you compose and combine.

Gast Ibarroule Behnam Hamiditehrani Stefan Adolf Emily Weil Alessandro Maci

Generate your music using a subset of layers

Sebastiano Cataudo

Authenticate physical items with digital footprint recorded in NFT token

Jordan Katzarov Sean Caruso Álvaro Martín Rodríguez Seijo Ryan Caruso

NFT platform to allow users to rent their NFTs and be paid in realtime

Jorge Gomes Alexander Keating Paulo Almeida
Palash Agarwal Shreyas Papinwar

Dynamic non fungible tokens (NFTs) for land-based carbon emission credit with GPS coordinates.

Lucy Low

Putting rental security deposits to work. A high yield, flexible, safe and frictionless solution for both landlord and tenant.

Morten Pedersen James Earle Tony Kunz Garrett Gehle

FlashNFT - Mint NFTs at low cost on Polygon

Daniel Dohne JC AWE Brian Patino Antonio Gadaleta Li Sun

Mint your NFTs directly to the

Aina Raherimanantsoa Darien Ford

We explored the idea of NFT art pieces that can be claimed by hackathon attendees. We used the Hack NFT color palette as a starting point and designed 4x art pieces - which can be claimed by participants proving they staked 0.02 ETH to ETHGlobal address. :)

Sina Habibian Mel Habibian Gunnar Gray

A simple example of an app that mints ERC1155 using from ProtocolLabs

Nicolás Guasca

Remix : Future is Co-Creative

Sanchit Banati

Reality Cards + SuperFluid

Andrew Stanger Vlad Micliuc Daniel Chilvers

DAOVoted NFT Marketplace.

Bernard Choo Dragos Musan Dragos Costin

This is a self-referential art project. It's a Less Boring flamethrower that makes NFTs of art that it burns.

Chris Hughes

Marketplace for NFT's from writers & intellectuals.

Andrew Young

NFT platform designed for film photographers

Arthur Vernydub

The Nifty Gas Station gives users the ability to mint NFTs at optimally low gas prices, thus saving dozens of dollars in fees and lowering the barrier for any artist to put their own creation on the Ethereum blockchain.

Giammarco Casanova Matt Kirincic

An onchain generative art project that produces cool ascii art!

Kyle Holzinger Nassredean Nasseri

NFT tokenization of Wikipedia pages to help funding their services

Lorenzo Goldoni Lukas Dietrich Christopher Kremsner

The NFT marketplace for artists to put their art to work for social impact in perpetuity

Yazid Azahari

A subgraph for the PowNFT project which allows users to query the contract and use that data to display the NFT without associated metadata

Chad McDonald

Fractionalize your Near NFTs into fungible tokens. Like NIFTEX but for Near

Shardul Aeer

Collectable slimes on the blockchain that can hang out with you on your desktop!

Jon Weber

Creating NFT's from a creators perspective.

Kwame Bryan

NFT Marketplace on Matic with transfers to Ethereum

Jason Romero

WhaleShow is a dapp that enables superfans to trade and acquire ownership rights to an artist’s performance. These shows fill gaps in an artist’s calendar to maximize earnings while creating once in a life time experiences for superfans.

Mark Barrasso

Chrome extension to buy/sell cartoons images generated from images embedded in webpages

Riya Singh

A NFTs for endangered animals

Jordi P. Aulet

Club based on NFT ownership

Victor Dran

Lottery game where 1 participant is randomly selected each day to take a photograph of their life taken on that day, which is minted as an NFT and added to the project's collection.

Tyler Tarsi Sam Kessler

Share your favorite Zora NFTs distraction-free with some personal flair with custom backgrounds and text.

Jan Clarin

A virtual space for exploring NFT collections.

Edward Amor

Buy Mars parcel and get your certificate of ownership NFT

Yann Guineau


fashen001 yangzhaoguo

The Zora Development Kit for Go lang

Sergei Varibrus

I'm working with an artist to create generative NFT art.

Dennison Bertram

Building a governance protocol for an artist and musician collective orbiting around NFT based ticket model of membership.

Tree Chair