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The interest-earning wallet for digital cash.


DeFi BTC showcases the DeFi capabilities for Bitcoin once BTC is converted to pBTC. DeFi BTC leverages Ethereum and DeFi composability to add new features to Bitcoin.


Turn startup marathon into product sprints via continuous flash organization with outcome-bounded puttable equity tokens. Earn FOUNDER'S EQUITY in a flash with an option to "cop out" to CASH.

Sunset Supreme

A Google sheets plugin for MultiBaas (a REST API for Ethereum) to allow display, interaction, and analysis of data on the blockchain.


A command-line, contract-based hardware Ethereum wallet.


Hacking aTokens yield with put options on WBTC and ETH:BTC ratio.


Use any website as a google doc, and get paid for posting notes about DEFI! Or build up onchain reputation by curating any public good information.


A decentralized limit orders platform boosted by market making.


Nftfy is a dapp that provides easily securitization of NFTs, dividing NFTs on Shares and allow the collectible ownership of them, through a decentralized backing mechanism totally software guaranteed without intermediaries or special actors.


FukiPay is a trustless messaging bot which allows users to easily interact with the Ethereum blockchain. The messaging bot generates a unique smart-wallet for each user which can be used to receive and spend Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens but to also interact with the Ethereum DeFi.


Democratising DeFi liquidations by pooling together funds for liquidations.


DeFi Lending backed, FOMO Mortal Kombat CryptoKitties MMO game!


People can make a bigger impact when they work together. We've created an app that lets you create social treasuries for groups. With Uni, anyone in the world can pool, spend, and receive funds as a group! Setting up a Uni group is as easy as creating a group chat.


Fundraiser and repayment system for musicians and fans.


Non-custodial service that automates CDP protection and rebalancing using user's tokens as a fuel.

A didactic tool to visually connect DeFi instruments and learn about its composability.


A protocol for decentralized options.


YieldHero is a one-stop suite for managing for Aave yield. With YieldHero you can easily swap aTokens to get the best yield, and redirect your Aave yield to support awesome Ethereum builders.


Decentralized autonomous liquidity provider (DALP). Maximize your earnings with minimal effort.

League of Pools

DeFi Dapp gamified gateway to easily deposit and withdraw in different liquidity and lending pools.


UrbanScale is a decentralized application connecting you with your local government. It promotes research into the financial health of our municipal institutions by incentivising research and investment in our public institutions.


Pensify - a secure, non-custodial, no-loss and no-risk Pension Fund built on Ethereum. Passive savings via RAY and bonding curve and Flash Loans for automatic arbitrage swaps between DeFi liquidity pools to catch additional income. Pensions made easy.


Umbra is protocol for enabling stealth payments on the Ethereum blockchain. It enables privacy preserving transactions where the receiver's identity is only known to the sender and receiver.


Use DeFi protocols from any wallet! Wrapper tokens let you use Uniswap, Aave, Balancer & Set in normal wallets without a dapp browser.

EEG Like!

Make payments depending on the user brain feedback.

Learn & Earn

We want to help students online anywhere in the world get new skills and make some money along the way too.


Collab.Land is a tokenized community management platform.


Eventdrip is a platform for creators to launch and monetize premium event experiences online.


Non-transferable Badges for Maker Ecosystem Activity (CDIP 18).


A simple tool that allows you to read how many tokens you own from MetaMask.

Rare Birds

Rare Birds is a community designed for early stage entrepreneurs in developing economies. The crowdfunding platform connects investors in the diaspora with our entrepreneurs at home, so together they can build great companies.


Deed is a decentralizEd education platform powered by DeFi: a loss-less University that pools student's DAI to earn interest and reward students and teachers for completed courses. Anyone can create and deploy their own University with specific courses and parameters.


Tokenized CDP (collateralized debt position) that is fungible and tradable on decentralized exchanges.


Terminal allows people to protect their rail journey against the risk of delay or cancellation.

Bank Protocol

This is a framework for managing collateral-backed loans on Ethereum using configurable parameters.


Flashmint is the no-code arb BUIDLer: Find and explore arbitrage opportunities.


CrowdLink is a web3-powered referral links marketplace that allows anyone within minutes to create referral links. Our goal is to be the cheapest and fastest referral campaign creator on the market.

Suicide Kings

Suicide Kings is a no-loss ERC1155 game where players vote to win interest generated in Compound Finance. Burning (suiciding) a KING enables a quadratic vote (QV). While fun and engaging, the game also tests a method for reducing sybil attacks in QV while maintaining anonymity.


A Quiz App with prizes distributed via Ethereum.


MagicBet is a no loss betting platform, inspired by PoolTogether. It allows users to bet on real life future events and outcomes without risking their stake.


A decentralized digital document validation solution that offers trustworthy identity data and gives users complete control of their data.


Parcel lets you send tokens or ether to multiple addresses in one transaction.

WANT a Nintendo Switch

The WANT Token Exchange Pool allows you to deposit ERC20 tokens, receive WANT tokens in return, and redeem a WANT token for a random token from the pool.


Pool Pipes rebalance liquidity between pooling opportunities within same in one transaction, helping reduce liquidity fragmentation throughout DeFi.


XOPTS. Bitcoin-native Options on Ethereum: insure against Bitcoin price crashes by buying Dai options on Ethereum. Execute the option completely trustless without the need to get wrapped Bitcoins or lock your Bitcoin.


Upala is an anti-Sybil system for DApps and a decentralized digital identity.


A set of smart contract tools to simplify complex interactions with DeFI protocols.


Earn interest while sending payments off chain.


Candyshop is a DEX aggreagator that optimises for efficeiency by arbitrging user swaps and splitting arbitragep profits with user.

What the Frac

Tools to manage fractional ownership of Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs).

Bloom Finance

Bloom Finance - Gift Cards that Grow in Value! It's your money. You deserve the interest that accumulates on your deposit for as long as you hold your gift card!

NYV (Naive)

NYV bootstraps liquidity for innovative, low cap stablecoins - by: Incentivising liquidity with our own platform tokens of the same peg, on Uniswap V2 Providing a foreign exchange with infinite liquidity. Open up the stablecoin market and bring DeFi to the world!


An on-chain incentive system to encourage regular participation in Ethereum meetups.


Blazar is a fixed-rate, fixed-term borrowing protocol with its own AMM that leverages the money markets as temporary stop-gaps.


An Interest-Bearing DAI ETF is a balancer pool that uses traders who want to arbitrage to balance the pool. This is an improvement over rate-chasing protocol where they use gs for balancing and we gain trade fees.


Your Decentralized Finance Portfolio, Goals & Projections Tool


DefiDollar is an attempt at being an index of stable coins that uses Defi primitives to stay near the dollar mark and subsidize the collateralization ratio.

Defend.Money is a Decentralized Insurance Pool which allows users to hedge the risk of crypto asset volatility . Users want to enter the liquidity pool because it gives high returns by sharing in some of the risk.


A hassle-free library system to help users rent books easily and directly support authors.


Extending our existing FIN4Xplorer dApp with options to back "positive action tokens" with different underlying sources of value.

EPNS (Ethereum Push Notification Service)

EPNS is maximally powerful in delivering notifications, even from decentralized ecosystem to centralized one. In the shadow, it does all the heavy lifting of handling users, their devices, smart contract events, encryption of messages and the delivery of them to the intended user.

My DeFi Pie

Easily create and manage a customized - and absurdly diversified - portfolio of traditional and crypto assets, including non-Ethereum blockchains

Flash 4 All ⚡

A simple UI that allows anyone to benefit from arbitrage opportunities in DeFi without the need of capital or code.

1inch CHI

Next generation gas token with a helper for deploying contracts for almost the half of the gas costs.

Oya Market

Oya is a decentralized ecommerce protocol owned by its users and run by smart contracts.


Dashboard for Opium Protocol and Opium.Team's products.

Liquorice Gen

Liquorice Gen, a liquidity generator that is an all-in-one bonding curve tool to bootstrap liquidity.


A basic integration between the OmiseGo Network & Super Mario.


A market to bet for or against the future potential of high-profile individuals.

Potion Insurance

Potion is a general purpose put option AMM with perfect pricing and priceless oracling.


Maximus is the first community-owned, fully on-chain bank.

Telegram Totality

Creating a new user channel for Ethereum projects. Enable people to use your protocol with the most intuitive interface known to our generation; Telegram App with integrated non custodial wallet. Currently integrated: ENS renewal, Aave liquidation warning & deposit.


Account base loans to mint stable coin. Loans have to be repay to prevent defaulting.


A futures market for p2p gateways to facilitate resilient uncensorable commerce sites in order to solve the problem of trusted site discoverability & hedging exit scams

Token Sets Decomposer

TokenSets oracle to get the price of any Set in Ether, allowing lending platforms to take Sets as collateral.


Project aims to build a high frequency arbitrage bot using liquidity from Aave in a Flashloan to perform token swaps


A Meta Transaction Demo that give User full control of their Meta transaction processor choice using OpenGSN as demo, It also showcase a DAI-based paymaster using DAI-permit and uniswap v2.


Licentia aims to provide a self-bank alternative to allow people to own their finances as an alternative to centralized banks. It is an integrated portal connecting several DeFi dapps in a single interface.


Allowing volunteer creators to band together and recieve donations as a pool. Lowers income volatility for creators and allows contributors to participate in their success.


This repos is a dApp for derivative swap by using UMA's Priceless Synthetic Tokens.

Atomic Ninja

Atomic is a transaction batcher, that will execute several actions within one atomic transaction, including performing flashloans, flashswaps, token transfers and much more.


Priceless CFD framework / POC that shows how a Priceless CFD contract can be utilized on Ethereum.


DonorBox is a unified crowd funding platform for Donors/investors to donate/fund NGO's or Start Ups in accordance with realistic target and performance.


capitalETH - A smart, systematic and hassle-free way to invest in tokens on Ethereum.


Broadcasting multiple txns on Ethereum as one, to save gas fees.


Attempt to create simple deposit function to curve protocol.

Anonymous Credit

A decentralized anonymous credit for crypto lending/borrowing, supported by address mining.

Income JAR

IncomeJAR creates an income stream from a Crypto assets. The user receives a good return, which is denoted in ERC20 tokens.


Peer-to-peer market to borrow NFTs or use NFTs as collateral for loans.


A Patreon/Kickstarter like platform.

Card Change

Exchange Google Play Store gift cards for aDAI.

Ledgerlets API

An API for a free service to create proof of existence evidence for documents and files on the blockchain.


Gasless Delegation and Voting Interface for Compound.


A DeFi scavenger hunt API for Ethereum for communities.


KYC, Credit Score, ID verification for DeFi services using cryptography to keep privacy.


InstCrypt is Automated trust-less crypto trading platform on top of Uniswap-V2 and Uniswap-V2 oracles.


Contraktor - a smart contract explorer. Visualize and interact with common DeFi projects or any other smart contract​.


java-defi-bot is an application that aims to do beneficial actions on the Ethereum blockchain for the DeFi ecosystem while earning a profit for the user. These actions include maintaining the DAI peg, providing liquidity and liquidating undercollateralized assets.


Adopting DeFi to solve liquidity problem btw wholesalers and retailers in a jewelry trade.


Chit Fund - a community approach to borrow and Lend Money.


Easy to run GSN Paymaster for all!

Flash Zaps

A Dapp that connects Defi developers who have knowledge about writing Flash Loans smart contracts and everyone else who would want to use them.


ArtDeFi establishes a lending pool that allows individual digital artists to enter the DeFi lending market with customized collateralization requirements through their credit scores originated from on-chain records of their artwork production and income streams.


Cross-chain BTC/DAI options trading protocol.


Save is a chatbot aimed at educating & onboarding mainstream audiences to DeFi.


"Code is Law"? No, Ignore the law, be the God. Do ANYTHING on your local blockchain. Hopefully that makes testing defi projects easier!