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The interest-earning wallet for digital cash.


Turn startup marathon into product sprints via continuous flash organization with outcome-bounded puttable equity tokens. Earn FOUNDER'S EQUITY in a flash with an option to "cop out" to CASH.

Sunset Supreme

A Google sheets plugin for MultiBaas (a REST API for Ethereum) to allow display, interaction, and analysis of data on the blockchain.


A command-line, contract-based hardware Ethereum wallet.

A didactic tool to visually connect DeFi instruments and learn about its composability.


Pensify - a secure, non-custodial, no-loss and no-risk Pension Fund built on Ethereum. Passive savings via RAY and bonding curve and Flash Loans for automatic arbitrage swaps between DeFi liquidity pools to catch additional income. Pensions made easy.


Deed is a decentralizEd education platform powered by DeFi: a loss-less University that pools student's DAI to earn interest and reward students and teachers for completed courses. Anyone can create and deploy their own University with specific courses and parameters.


Tokenized CDP (collateralized debt position) that is fungible and tradable on decentralized exchanges.

Suicide Kings

Suicide Kings is a no-loss ERC1155 game where players vote to win interest generated in Compound Finance. Burning (suiciding) a KING enables a quadratic vote (QV). While fun and engaging, the game also tests a method for reducing sybil attacks in QV while maintaining anonymity.


Parcel lets you send tokens or ether to multiple addresses in one transaction.


Earn interest while sending payments off chain.


Candyshop is a DEX aggreagator that optimises for efficeiency by arbitrging user swaps and splitting arbitragep profits with user.


An Interest-Bearing DAI ETF is a balancer pool that uses traders who want to arbitrage to balance the pool. This is an improvement over rate-chasing protocol where they use gs for balancing and we gain trade fees.


Maximus is the first community-owned, fully on-chain bank.

Atomic Ninja

Atomic is a transaction batcher, that will execute several actions within one atomic transaction, including performing flashloans, flashswaps, token transfers and much more.


A Patreon/Kickstarter like platform.


Gasless Delegation and Voting Interface for Compound.


A DeFi scavenger hunt API for Ethereum for communities.


KYC, Credit Score, ID verification for DeFi services using cryptography to keep privacy.


Contraktor - a smart contract explorer. Visualize and interact with common DeFi projects or any other smart contract​.


Adopting DeFi to solve liquidity problem btw wholesalers and retailers in a jewelry trade.


Chit Fund - a community approach to borrow and Lend Money.


"Code is Law"? No, Ignore the law, be the God. Do ANYTHING on your local blockchain. Hopefully that makes testing defi projects easier!