Andrey Semenov

A simple project to make deposits on the best available offer in DeFi

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Aave Flash Loans


The idea of the project was the following: 1) Create simple user interface to deposit coins to AAVE protocol 2) On the background create and leverage the best yield in AAVE protocol 3) Be able to exit without any penalties But the idea remains not implemented as my son was born on 25th of January

How It's Made

It is supposed to be made with AAVE protocol Technologies to be used: 1) AAVE flash loans 2) AAVE lending protocol 3) Simple java frontend 4) To be launched and tested on testnet Plan to continue to work on the project The main idea of the application consists of bringing as many ordinary usual people to the DeFi space (my mom should be able to deposit/withdraw money using the contract)


Andrey Semenov
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