Historical lending returns calculator on idle assets

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The Graph API


As a user you connect your wallet, we take your address, send it to the backend and there we scan your wallet for idle assets and calculate how much $ you would have earned if these assets had been lent on Aave. The results are then displayed in text and as a chart with one line for USD without Aave and USD with Aave. If the user is convinced by the numbers there is a button that takes them straight to the lending pool on Aave.

How It's Made

We used the protocol-multy-raw subgraph to get liquidity rates and token prices. Bitquery to get the user's balances. Mongodb to store token prices so we don't have to get the data every time. Express server in the back, React app in the front. If you're interested on how we calculated the compounded interest, you can read this nice article Ivan has written about it: https://medium.com/@ialberquilla/7ed2a25422fd


Clement Bihorel Iván Alberquilla Vasileios Georgopoulos
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