Chronchain protocol for open finance.

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Chronchain project, helps anyone to use its blockchain based claim as collateral and receive back our ERC20 token tthey can trade. ENV: const ADDRESSFORM = '0x8F1F18F4adbd53519E4B83a92f07917B9Ec5503f' const EXCHANGE_ADDR = '0x9085D0a357b89F3b8c0F4014A66fC4d6a0a76de6' const ADDRESSTO = '0x9c83dCE8CA20E9aAF9D3efc003b2ea62aBC08351' const EXADDRESSTO = '0x8d401f2312b1bd8a419e1a7c23c08d79205396e8'

How It's Made

I build this project First by creating the claim verification protocol on ethereum, Second the claim value is retrieve in nodeJS and converted to ETH with an online api, Third I do the flashSwap, Fourth i use Portis Wallet as Bank for the market Liquidity account and Finaly i send ERC20 to the user address account. Technologies : - Type-script - Solidity - Web3JS


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