Singing-based deathmatch game. Sing for your stake.

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Coinaoke is a game where users stake a small amount of Ether, enable their webcam and get assigned a random popular song (from a selection of a dozen). They have 3 seconds on a countdown before they have to start singing the lyrics acapella. The recording is stored and they have to wait until another person has sang the same song, and for one (or potentially more, depending on network activity) other users have voted on which rendition they prefer. If they win, their stake + their competitors stake (- a small fee for video hosting) gets returned to them. Users will have to judge at least one "contest" before they can do a recording of their own.

How It's Made

My first idea was for staking to be done on Aave, so that users could get additional rewards and could choose to keep playing and not withdraw their stake, if succesful. But because this project was intended just to be a bit of fun, and to make people laugh at the sillyneses of singing acapella to a smart contract, I decided against that in the end, and to try and build it for Matic. The frontend was going to be built in React. And the recording was going to be done using WebRTC (using the framework). Unfortunately work got in the way and I wasn't able to dedicate much time at all on this hack!


Roderick Hodgson
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