We are building a mechanism to allow for locking up NFTs for use in larger Meta-NFTs. In designing out this mechanism, we also believe it would be useful as a generalized tool for a variety of purposes.

Source Code







We began to fork out existing code to build out and test our mechanism architecture, but ran into time constraint issues. We decided that instead of simply not presenting, we would spec out the mechanism and architecture and present the possibilities for consideration. We fully intend to continue developing this mechanism, as it is key to one of our contributors' major projects.

How It's Made

Come ask us what our mechanism design looks like. Deleted from here as we intend to deploy it. Get in touch at: I am now filling this space with Lorem Ipsum to meet the character limit. See ya! Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Mauris dapibus maximus vulputate. Integer at tincidunt mauris. Vestibulum auctor erat ut turpis bibendum, consectetur venenatis nisi vehicula. Phasellus id pellentesque felis. Vivamus finibus purus dui, non porta leo ornare eu. Aenean vel placerat metus, sed auctor dui. Curabitur commodo elit in urna volutpat semper eget vel ipsum. Aenean lobortis, justo a lacinia dapibus, nulla nulla facilisis arcu, sed aliquet urna orci sit amet lectus. In vitae sapien volutpat, semper eros fermentum, tristique ligula. Duis dapibus libero at lacus pharetra suscipit. Sed tincidunt tempus interdum. Quisque lacinia tempus est, quis consequat nulla condimentum nec. Aenean porta dui id libero bibendum tristique. Suspendisse congue scelerisque mi quis pellentesque. Duis rhoncus leo quis eros venenatis aliquam. Suspendisse potenti. Orci varius natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus. Praesent eros ex, vestibulum pulvinar leo sed, aliquam efficitur urna.


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