community owned and curated cryptoart gallery and marketplace on MATIC.

Source Code

Description is a cryptoart collective and NFT marketplace. Artists create and stake NFTs for their basic 1155 membership token. Through participation, they can earn "badges" on their membership -- sub-tokens of the membership 1155. Members farm curation tokens and by purchasing art, staking art, and <3'ing their favorite pieces currently in the gallery (locked in a staking contract). THE PROBLEM: Cryptoartists are spending lots of money they can barely afford in order to mint NFTs they are having trouble selling. The SOLUTION: A layer 2 NFT market with minting bridge to Ethereum mainnet. This enables people to sell art for low prices with negligable transaction fees, and enables artists to participate without spending a fortune.

How It's Made

Currently we are just starting. The gameplan is to use scaffold-eth and MATIC. We hope to incorporate staking AAVE aTokens to artworks in the gallery. Stay tuned for edits on this section as we refine our roadmap!


Max Jackson Micah Smith Calvin Sze
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