AAVE liquidation notify Telegram bot, backed by Spreadsheet

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Aave Borrow/Lending


Telegram bot that help user query or get notified the liquidation stats on AAVE👻 /aave [addr] - show user liquidation stats The bot can query by the address 0xAbCd..5678 on 👻Aave: 💰 Supplied: $33762.61 💳 Borrowed: $12148.10 🌡 Collateral Rate: 277.92% ✅ Health Factor: 208 Show current gasfee estimation /gas - show current estimate gas fee (from gasnow) You can send feedback/request to the host or ask for subscribe certain address /feedback - send feedback or ask for subscribe to the host

How It's Made

We handle webhook, data fetch, within Google Spreadsheet and Google App Script. We make json-rpc call to AAVE smart contract and parse data to distill the relevant info. With Telegram Bot API we made a service without the backend and the (web) frontend. With App Script and its Scheduler, we are able to set the condition in SpreadSheet, and get notified periotically.


Fred Lin Ping Chen
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