Leverage on Aave using 1inch.

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Use-case * Leverage assets with long position. * Leverage assets with favourable interests. Mantis can be used to leverage any asset on the Aave protocol in a single transaction. It uses flashloans to borrow additional funds required to increase exposure, 1inch to swap tokens and then borrows against the deposited asset to pay back the flashloan. Users can specify the asset they wish to leverage and the asset they wish to leverage over. And can view the resulting positions on the portal real time.

How It's Made

Client: The client app has been built using React. It interacts with a hosted Hardhat mainnet forked node. Protocols used: * Aave Flashloan * Aave Credit Delegation * 1inch swap Contracts written in Solidity. Credit delegation: Mantis uses Credit Delegation on Aave. Credit delegation allows Mantis to borrow on behalf of the user. It removes the need to deploy a proxy. This enables the user to view positions on the Aave dashboard as well as there is no proxy involved. Leverage factor: Leverage factor is calculated using the ltv of the leverged token. Blockchain Node: Mantis has been deployed to a hardhat node(mainnet fork) to enable seemless testing of the protocol. It can anytime be ported to the Mainnet.


krishna goyal
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