Easy to run GSN Paymaster for all!

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PayMaestro is a proof-of-concept GSN2 Paymaster-as-a-Service, letting developers easily offer gasless transactions across multiple contracts. Currently running nicely locally, coming to a testnet near you soon!

How It's Made

Forked scaffold-eth and added in support for GSN. Spent too long trying to get forked ganache-cli to work. Wrote the PayMaestro contract and went back to old faithful for testing (truffle console). Once I had it working, went to work in React creating a little proof of principle web app, went back to running locally & deploying with Buidler. Loved antd, a component library I hadn't used before. Used... - solidity - react + antd - OpenGSN - scaffold-eth - Truffle + Buidler - ethers.js


Adam Fuller
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