Proof of Onboard | POO

Building a governance protocol for an artist and musician collective orbiting around NFT based ticket model of membership.

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The BANGBANG community is an Artist and Musician Collective with membership consisting of the aforementioned content creators and their supporters. Creators can gain membership by the following methods: - A supporter or group of supporters grants them a ticket - They showcase and membership is granted by community vote Initial members of the community (airdrop recipients) are granted 2 NFT tickets, one for themselves for entry and the second to be gifted to either a friend or artist they would like to be part of the community. The user is obligated to "Sherpa" their chosen recipient through the Proof of Onboarding process, or PoO. PoO is a series of tasks designed to educate a neophyte Ethereum user into the space and specifically the BANGBANG community. Performance setting for the community is set in Decentraland, featuring a Gallery setting for viewing and purchase/auction of NFT artwords. A stage/theatre for performances and viewing media content will also be featured, these will both be available to the public.


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