People can make a bigger impact when they work together. We've created an app that lets you create social treasuries for groups. With Uni, anyone in the world can pool, spend, and receive funds as a group! Setting up a Uni group is as easy as creating a group chat.

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Uni lets you create social treasuries for group chats. With the Uni app, setting up a global, internet-native org is as simple as joining a group chat on your phone! Companies and governments currently have all the optimized tools needed in order to coordinate formally — other groups cannot access these tools easily. What if every group could be like a formal, finance-enabled company without the arduous task of creating a company? With Uni, new groups can coordinate with the formality of larger, established groups.

How It's Made

- Gnosis Safe - for account recovery for the end user and for the group to be able to pool, send, and receive funds on Ethereum - TypeScript - Expo and React Native - for building a cross-platform native mobile app - Apollo Client - for keeping local state in sync with remote state using GraphQL - Figma - for collaborating on our designs and creating a clickable prototype - AWS Amplify/AppSync - for storing metadata about users, groups (with a plan to eventually move this to IPFS) - AWS Lambda functions and DynamoDB - for user auth - Gnosis Safe relayer - for deploying the contract for the group using CREATE2 as soon as the group has money deposited into it - Tasit SDK - generating a new Ethereum account for the user and interacting with the contracts - Not used yet but in the plan - ENS - for having a short username for the user and the group - Wyre - lets you use Apple Pay, Google Pay, or a debit card to turn fiat into DAI - Plaid - lets you transfer fiat money to your bank account


Arya Soltanieh Paul Cowgill Hugo Sanchez Casey Falvey
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