NFT stickers & emoji's built into a decentralized e2e encrypted chat application.

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Satellite is a decentralized P2P chat application built on Matic (Polygon) and IPFS. Messages are encrypted and stored on IPFS by leveraging Textile. More info here: Our project during NFTHack is to build a integration to Satellite as a Vue component to allow the purchase and usage of NFTs to power stickers in the app similar to Telegram stickers. The stickers are uploaded to Pinata and an NFT is created. The contracts are built on Matic but are interoperable so they can be transferred and traded on marketplaces.

How It's Made

We use VueJS for the UI and build a component that can be used across many applications. We deploy a factory to Matic to allow artists to create NFT sticker packs. Each sticker in the pack will be it's own NFT. Users click "buy" in the app which pays the artist through the factory and mints them an NFT for the sticker pack. Files are stored on Pinata for longevity.


Matt Wisniewski
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