The Cool Project

A credit delegation platform for impactful projects

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Aave Credit Delegation



The Cool Project is a platform where people some DAI (at the moment) on Aave via a smart contract to delegate their credit trough Credit Delegation. Some other people can submit a project proposal (name, link to the project, amount requested, etc.) Then, those who have deposited DAI on the platform can vote on the projects they like the most thank to Conviction Voting Mechanism (Users stake a part of what they deposited to the projetcs). When a threshold is reached the project is allowed to borrow an uncollateralised loan. The frontend is partially built and there are some smart contracts features to add before the project is fully usable. As I was not able to finish on time I cannot send a video for the submission but I'll continue to work on the project.

How It's Made

The frontend uses Next.js and Antd. There's no backend, only smart contracts.


Merlin Egalite
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