Monthly No Loss Competitions for Non-Cash prizes

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The project is looking to onboard your 'average joe' into the equivalent of a pooltogether pool where they have the chance to win non-cash prizes (not interest) on their money.

How It's Made

Money is held in a non-custodial wallet like Fortis Magic wallet and using Gas Network (ease of use transactions), Sendwyre (on/off ramps) for simple purchases through apple pay/google play all the blockchain is abstracted away from the user. None of this tech stack is built out yet because I've been focusing on the legal compliance aspects for gambling and financial services legislation selling to retail customers, setting up a company, customer discovery and process mapping as well as understanding the economics of the project. I also had my first baby last Friday so I've been out of action for just over a week and haven't been able to do much coding. I've set up a front end and have been blocked because Sendwyre won't let me register until I submit a bank statement and I only just set up a company and bank account. So I'm using standard tools like Stripe (set up yesterday) in the meantime to test the value proposition, effectively the experience 'shouldn't' be any different. I started to reach out to Brendan from PoolTogether to learn more about v3 of PoolTogether and looking to integrate it, will learn more about Fortis, BlockNative notifications, Sendwyre and OGSN over the next few weeks as I continue to build but I'm mostly focused on the customer atm rather than the technology because I know the technology works. I don't yet know how to piece it all together because I'm only a junior dev but hopefully I can get some help to make that happen. Currently all I want is my stake back and to continue to build on the relationships and get help from mentors. I hope to follow Austin Griffith's blogs in the next couple of days/weeks once I get more time to work outside of baby duty :)


Rosh Ghadamian
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